Post #1 !!!

Good morning, and welcome to the catchy blog. This brand new page was created for one simple purpose: me. I decided to create a blog simply to have a place to write stuff without worrying about how people felt about it.

You might say “Hey, that’s awfully inconsiderate of you, Mr. newbloggersuchansuch!” But to that I would say, “On the contrary, my friend. I believe creating this blog is being quite considerate.”

You see, like most people out there, I’m caught up in the world of social media, and I like to waste time on Facebook(among many other sites), where people like to share opinions about anything and everything. I always like to comment on those opinions, because I have this nonsensical idea that my opinion might matter to them.Trouble is that lots of my Facebook friends don’t seem to like my thoughts, because sometimes I disagree with them. Turns out that in this day and age people can’t just agree to disagree.

So here’s my blog. I’m not telling any of my Facebook friends about it, so they don’t decide to come read it and get all upset that I have thoughts. That would defeat the purpose of this blog faster than you can say, “This blog seems like a complete waste of time!!!!”

I probably won’t even tell my REAL friends and family about it, because I don’t care all that much if people read what I’m writing, although I suppose if someone did pop in I wouldn’t be all too disappointed. I mostly just want a place to talk, joke, rant, quip, and cry about whatever in the world I want to. and I mostly want to accomplish this obnoxiousness without Friends/family/colleagues/anyonethatmatterstome get really irritated or upset by what I had to say about life, the universe, and everything.

I don’t know how often I’ll post or even how long this will last, but for now, this blog space is mine, and I will take great pleasure in making it my own. So if for some odd reason you stumble upon this new blog, then sit back and enjoy, because I most certainly will!


2 thoughts on “Post #1 !!!

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