The Pros and Cons of the Star Wars License Passing to Disney: Part 1

tonight it’s time for a post of a lighter nature, after our last was very much on the serious side.

As we all know by now, The ever popular, once wonderfully epic and charming Star Wars franchise has passed from the hands of rogue director turned dark lord of the sith George Lucas to  the once kid friendly turned teen sex symbol peddling “let’s find some more cop-out ways to make a buck” Disney. Now I’m sure there are lots of opinions about this relatively recent development. There are probably many excited people, and perhaps those that are not too thrilled to see the Disney empire flourish in yet another unfair way. With that in mind I decided to make a wonderful list of pros and cons regarding what may come from this enormous transaction! so here we go, 5 pros, in no particular order:



1. A new Star Wars theme section in the Disney parks!

It’s true that there are already a few Star Wars themed attractions at Disney, but most of them are old and just don’t hold up terribly well next to newer, flashier rides. And now that Universal has that wicked Harry Potter land (to which I have not had the opportunity to visit), Disney had better keep up. Let’s get an X wing roller coaster ride through the Death Star from Return of the Jedi!. Let’s get a free fall into the sarlacc pit. Let’s get a whole new Animal Kingdom, except we populate it with wookies,ewoks, jawas, and whatever that dude is that hangs out with Lando on the second death star battle. Epic and incredible. Make it happen, Disney!

2. George Lucas can’t mess with the fans anymore!!!!

Let’s face it. We’ll probably never get a re-release of the original Star Wars Trilogy sans 90’s special effects and an irritating appearance by Haydn Christensen in Return of the Jedi, and some irritating re-dubs of Darth Vader’s lines. But with that said, At least Darth Lucas can’t screw with the films and the fans any more than he already has. Even more important, he can’t write anymore scripts that include melodramatic, overly sappy obnoxious love scenes, or awkward “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” moments. (I still can’t believe James Earl Jones agreed to lend his voice to that line)


3. J.J. Abrams now controls the Star Wars AND Star Trek franchises!!jj_abrams_star_wars_star_trek_crossovers

Now I know what some of you uber-fans are saying (especially those Trekkies who think you had J.J. first): “I’m calling foul! J.J. is a traitor! You can’t have the same guy doing both these movies!!!!!” Well super fans, I must disagree for several reasons. first, is there anything J.J. Abrams has done that isn’t frikkin’ incredible? Just take a look at his IMBD Resume! Everything he puts his hand to turns to entertainment gold! He has created phenomenal T.V. shows like Alias and Lost. he revived a sinking Mission Impossible franchise, and turned a dated Star Trek  series into something that made Star Wars fanboys/girls like me rave about how incredible Star Trek is, and how wonderful it could be. Not to mention that we’ll never see a Jar-Jar like Character sneak past J.J.’s watchful eye, but i suppose that’s beside the point

On top of that, Now Star Wars nuts and Trekkies can get together without it being a travesty!!! We can get past the hate!!! we’ll create a hybrid beast… like a … Strekkie… or…. and trekwarrer… or… a Wartrekker… you know, we’ll work on that…

4. Possible Star Wars Spinoffs!!!

Okay, so as far as we know, the third trilogy within the trilogy is now scheduled to happen. Hopefully those movies will be a rebirth of Star Wars as we know it. But perhaps with new owners, The opportunity will present itself for Disney to lend the rights to spinoff stories and stories based on popular books in the series. Just imagine how incredible it would be if Disney started leasing off the rights to certain Star Wars Storylines. Now, I’m sure there would be a dud in there, but with the vastness of this galaxy far, far away, can you imagine how much great entertainment we could have reliving our childhood through new lightsaber fights, epic scenery and drama?  And now we can (hopfully) do this with dialogue that doesn’t make us want to saber off our own hands!?!?!?


5. Disney movies re-made “Star Wars” style!!!

Okay, maybe this will never happen, but can you imagine how awesome Aladdin would be with some lightsabers? How about if Simba force-pushes Scar into the Sarlacc pit? Or Ursula getting eaten by a Rancor? Or Boba Fett going demolition derby on all of those irritating Pixar cars? Or replacing the lost boys in Peter Pan with Ewoks? Or completely redoing Beauty and the Beast, now starring Chewbacca!?!?!? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!!

Maybe those incredible hybrids will only happen in my mind. But the fact remains that for Star Wars fans, there are many reasons to look forward to a potentially bright future!

Stay tuned for the Cons!


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