My Apology to LeBron

Just a quick follow up to my post from the other night. After game six of the NBA finals I criticized one Lebron James for not stepping up enough and having to get bailed out. (Because, you know, I knew that he would read my blog. I know Chris Bosh does. ’cause my wife thinks he looks like a velociraptor, but that’s beside the point). I feel that, after Game 7 and a Heat win, I owe Lebron a short apology (again because I know he’ll read this)So, Lebron, I’m sorry for what I said. You were a friggin’ stud tonight in game 7. You made big shots every time you needed to. You got your teammates going when they needed help making plays. You never flinched when the spurs made runs. So LeBron, Congrats to you and the Heat on a second championship. You played ridiculously well, and it was amazing to watch. well done, Lebron. See you next year. Unless you do something stupid in the offseason that would be great fodder for a humorous blog post!!!!!

2012 NBA Finals Portraits

Way to go for number 2!


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