Why the 80’s Was the Decade for Me!

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while: There are just some movies that are my kind of bad. I mean really… somehow, there are movies that somehow get so far on the bad scale that somehow they turn to awesome. I happened across one of those movies the other day. What was The Movie? Well Of course it was the 1987 instant classic “OVER THE TOP” starring Sylvester Stallone, A.K.A the actor whose career never would’ve (or should’ve) lasted so long. But fortunately he peaked in the 80’s! And that is just one of the miracles that makes this movie so fantastic!

Isn't it amazing and wonderful that this actually exists on Blu-Ray?

Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that this actually exists on Blu-Ray?

Before the other day, I hadn’t actually watched this film from start to finish. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have watched it if I wasn’t already a fan of Stallone’s particular brand of awesome. So, one day the opportunity arose for me to sit down with this gem, and I took it.

Now, if you’re wondering if the movie is worth watching, stop wondering and go check it out. Don’t let the fact that the movie cost 25 million dollars to make and only grossed $16 million at the US box office deter you. this movie truly is a must see:

In Over the Top, Stallone stars as the muscular Lincoln Hawk (I know what you’re thinking; with a name like that, I already know this movie is gonna be great!), a muscular semi-truck driver with a custom weight room right in the cab of his truck. Not all is well for this dashing, muscular man with the name of the most noble president and fowl. You see, he’s forced to reunite with his estranged son, Michael, since his estranged wife is suffering from serious medical entrances. To make things worse, Michael’s super rich grand-daddy can’t stand Lincoln (guess awesome names and cool trucks just aren’t enough for some people) and little Mikey is struggling with all these abandonment issues, acting like dad ruined his life at the rich kid’s military private school. he’s a bit of a drama queen… Dare I say, he’s a bit over the t… (…too soon?). So needless to say it’s going to take some work to rebuilt the father and son relationship (cue morally conscious 80’s ballad/unofficial movie theme song).

fortunately Hawk is more than willing to pull out all the stops to prove to his son that he is totally the Dad Michael is looking for. I mean seriously. In order to reconnect with his son Lincoln proceeds to let his young son drive a semi on the interstate (He obviously doesn’t care about his truck – he literally drives it through a mansion later. and believe me, in the end the score is house 0, truck 1.)

don't get me wrong... this looks like a lot of fun!

don’t get me wrong… this looks like a lot of fun!

Then he shows his son how to effectively work out while driving 75 miles per hour. After that he drives him across the country, lets him get kidnapped, arm wrestles some bears, throws some old guys through glass doors sells everything he’s worth for 7 thousands dollars (guess he should stop driving trucks through houses) and ultimately bets every last dime on himself as he enters (and eventually wins) the most prestigious international face-making competition.

This face won Lincoln a new truck along with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This face won Lincoln a new truck along with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now you might be thinking “This doesn’t seem like the smartest way to win your boys affection.” But let me tell you, you’re wrong. And I’ve got Mr. Lincoln Hawk as proof. Because as sweet tones of Kenny Loggins beautiful ballad start to play, and the credits start to roll, we see Lincoln and Michael drive off into the sunset in the brand new semi he won (and all for making crazy faces). Now if that isn’t a happy, feel good, realistic, ending, I don’t know what is! It’s not over the – “Stop it. Just stop it…” –

Now if you haven’t seen the movie, just stop reading and go watch it now. Then we’ll finish this discussion….


… Finished? good. Now you don’t really need to read this next part, because you already understand why this is a perfect example of the best the 80’s has to offer, but let me tell you why it is anyway, because this movie has all the ingredients for an over the t…. er… perfect 80’s movie. For example:

1. A ripped lead actor who plays a not too shallow character that knows the rules don’t apply to him. which is just fine because underneath it all, he’s got a great heart.

2. An extremely obtrusive soundtrack that often seems to become more important than the movie itself (The 80’s didn’t create the montage, but by gosh they sure perfected it)

3. A sappy 80’s rock ballad that includes the very thinly veiled moral of the story, because movies should be entertaining and uplifting!

4. Plenty of unnecessary action, because what better way to draw the kids in than with fights and kidnappings!

I must break you...  wait... oops... wrong movie...

I must break you…
wait… oops… wrong movie…

5. Bad guys with scary faces, masks, or super ugly, or maybe they’re posed in such a way that they literally look 5 times the size of our heroes!

totally believable!

totally believable!

6.Happy endings that make no realistic sense in the world, because it doesn’t have to make sense, but the good guys do have to win.

7.Scripts that, if they weren’t so Over th… um… cheesy… you might be able to appreciate the happy story, positive message that the film seems to be trying to demonstrate.

So, after watching Over the Top, you must agree… Wait… you still haven’t watched it? well go rent it! or download it… or Netflix it…. I don’t care, just watch the movie! I promise you won’t regret it! It will give you nostalgia for 80’s entertainment like nothing you’ve ever seen before!!


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