U.S. Government antics, and How We Should React

So this post was supposed to occur during all that Government shutdown nonsense. I drafted it awhile ago, and I never finished writing it. I figured I would still edit and finish it, because even though our “Loyal” public servants are back at the office and the govt. is running (sort of) my thoughts still feel relevant: So here is my late response to Government stupidity

I said it over and over again: I’m not going to write about the shutdown. I’m just not going to do it! I just won’t! I just didn’t want to talk about it, because it seems everyone already has an opinion about this thing, and nobody (I’m serious: literally NOBODY) is interested in considering the other side’s version of the story. It’s so tiring watching people angrily butt heads together in a futile attempt to get everyone else to see their point of view. So I vowed to stay out. Until I couldn’t. Because some irritating, inexplicable force told me that my opinion would matter to someone… So here I am. Breaking another vow. I should be ashamed.

But every time I take a bite I sure hope it will taste better...

But every time I take a bite I sure hope it will taste better…

At any rate, if you’ve been following the media for two seconds you know that 1: The government had been shutdown, 2: The Democrats blame the Republicans, 3: the Republicans blame the Democrats, (Of course it is easier to blame the other party than it is to actually govern. But We’re paying these people. A friggin’ lot. So I’d prefer they just govern). 4: Both parties seem to feel that there is no need to take ownership or accountability for their actions (because like I said. Much easier to point fingers), and 5: Nothing is going to change as long as they feel that way.

One side says this...

One side says this…

It’s really nothing new. Every time a catastrophe happens, instead of working to find a solution, it seems their actual solution is just to go blame the other guy, until the last possible minute, where they usually come up with a crappy solution that plugs the holes in the ship for about 5 minutes (Seriously, the way the government runs itself reminds me exactly of the way most of us did schoolwork back in Jr. High. You know, when we procrastinated until the day before our work was due, and then our parents sat down and took away our video games until we did our friggin’ job…. If only Congress had parents).

the other says this...

…the other says this…

Of course in each conundrum, we, the public, ask a collective question: “Why in the world does our government suck so bad?” It’s a very understandable question. I’m not sure what the answer is, but it might have to do with a certain phenomenon that occurs among voters across the country. I like to call it the “My guy” syndrome.

... makes me wonder about this...

… makes me wonder about this…

MY GUY SYNDROME!!!!!!!!??????

The My Guy syndrome is simply this: when something in government goes wrong, we blame the government for its stupidity. “They all deserve to be replaced,” we say. All of them, with the exception of “My guy,” who is a hero in my eyes, because he says and does all the right things. This attitude recurs all too often.

Take this example here – I saw a post recently on Facebook (It was the post that forced me to write this one) basically saying this: “Here are some comments from [my congressperson from my party] then [he or she] is so great, unlike the rest of our politicians.” I see similar posts all the time. the approval rating for congress is at an abysmal 5%. Everyone is disgusted with the government, But somehow, “My representative is great. KEEP STANDING UP FOR US, REGARDLESS OF THE COST, HERO PERSON!!!!” How does that work? How is it that everyone sucks except your congressperson every time?

... But mostly I'm just annoyed at stuff like this...

… But mostly I’m just annoyed at stuff like this…

Here’s the thing. You might be right. Your congressperson maybe is the exception to the rule. He/she is working hard, trying to do the right thing. But whether that is the case or not, as long as we keep re-electing the same people, nothing will change, and our government will have no fear… or worse. They’ll fear the wrong people. Which is currently another part of the problem.

We know that in states where there is a strong majority for one party or another, the only real competition happens in Primary elections. Once a candidate has won his primary election it’s pretty much smooth sailing. So, in some areas (Think of places where extremists tea-party movers live as an example) the result is that, instead of catering to the real majority of citizens, they cater to those whose voice is just big enough to matter in primaries. This discourages compromise and actually working together (because we know that the extremists on either side have no wish to let the other party have their way about ANYTHING). This is a problem. Lack of discussion. Lack of compromise. Lack of willingness to listen. These are killing our governmental system.

Eliminate “MY GUY”

So, if politicians in many states are more concerned about what extremists want than what more rational people want, then what can we do? How can we make them see the rest of us? Well as I see it, there is only one way to send a message that our leaders will see and understand: First, we have to destroy our own “MY GUY” syndrome. even if we’re right, we just have to let go, and embrace one idea: No incumbent candidate shall be elected to return to office.

Imagine the message that would send – If we voted every current member of Congress out (we can’t vote out the President and send him any messages unfortunately). Imagine a 100% turnover in the House. Imagine if every senator up for reelection was removed from office. Do you think that would send a message? I sure do. Do you think that would force politicians on both sides to be more accountable for themselves? I have to imagine so. And I can’t imagine any better way that the general population can make a difference! Complaining doesn’t make a difference. Posting rude memes and statuses on Facebook definitely doesn’t make a difference. The polls are the only place that we can change anything.


I realize what I’m asking. It will be hard. It might mean voting for “THE OTHER PARTY!!!!” (TERRIFIED GASP!!!!), It might mean voting for someone you really don’t like. That might be a scary thought to you. But at least the person you vote in would at least see that 100% turnover in the House and say “Holy crap They’re going to make me do a good job and represent them well, or they will throw me out!!!!” Then our voices matter.

I don’t normally ask people to share my posts. I don’t fancy myself a great writer. But if you think this is a good idea, please do share it. Or don’t even share my post. just pass the idea along. maybe we can get everyone to join us in actually making sure that our leaders are earning our tax dollars. ‘Cause nothing is more aggravating than the feeling that your money is going toward a lost cause…

These must be the types that grow up and go into politics?

These must be the types that grow up and go into politics?


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