Random Thoughts 2

Here are five more random thoughts for your day.

1. I’m like the Dallas Cowboys: I’m better than everybody that sucks, but everybody who is slightly above average make me feel embarrassed of myself. I also so really stupid things under pressure.

Tree House for Ants!?

Tree House for Ants!?

2. I believe Katy Perry songs make us dumber. there. I said it.

3. Anyone doesn’t like the idea of having kids is an idiot. Yes kids can be hard, but they’re way more fun than they are hard.

4. Is it possible to over-tag posts? Sometimes I check to see if a post shows up in any given tag’s feed, and some posts don’t. I wonder if it’s because I tag… like… literally every possible relevant subject in my post, and WordPress assumes I’m trying to cheat the system or something and is like, “Cool it with the tagging there, Cowboy.”

5. Showering in the Wintertime is more fun than in the summer: In Winter the hot shower feels great. In summer the hot shower just leaves you sweaty, and the cold shower still sucks.

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 2

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