Maintaining Cautious Optimism Toward Obamacare

Sigh… Obamacare…. I didn’t want to talk about it. But an interesting post popped up. You may have read it if you keep up with your “Freshly Pressed.” If you didn’t, you can check it out here. It was a very interesting read, detailing the duties of an enrollment specialist. Just read the blog, as it explains everything much better than I could. It offers an interesting spin on the whole “Affordable care act, and if you scroll into the comments you can find some other “Obamacare success stories!” HOORAY!!!! I applaud this writers hard work, and I’m glad it yields positive results for those that have had the privilege of an effective…. assister… or… helper… I’m still not entirely sure what to call her position. But It’s good to read some success stories anyway.

This is how I've felt about Obamacare for awhile. Maybe there's a chance I don't have to feel this way?

This is how I’ve felt about Obamacare for awhile. Maybe there’s a chance I don’t have to feel this way?

I have to admit though, the post is making me question my assumptions about Obamacare in spite of the current frustrations. Yes, the website is a complete mess still. My wife has spent countless hours trying to get the site to work, talking to random people in the live chat and sitting on hold. Some of that is forgivable given the massive amounts of people trying to apply, but it’s still absurdly frustrating. On top of that, I’ve heard all those horror stories, many of them firsthand from friends and family, about how their cost of insurance would soar as a result of the “Affordable Care Act.”

So, after reading the previously mentioned post, I thought about posting a disappointed response about how I just couldn’t buy the positive stories based on what I’ve been told and what I read. So I took to Google to prove my point, by searching for all those Obamacare horror stories with which I was already familiar.

Much to my surprise I couldn’t find any of the original stories, however I found countless articles like this one, debunking many of the horror stories I had accepted as being true. just reading this one article made me doubt my earlier assumptions. So I kept scrolling, finding articles in news organizations around the country. Here’s one example from the L.A. Times.Here we see another from the Seattle Times. You can even find newspapers admitting some horror stories they published were false and offering apologies for spreading misinformation. I could go on and share link after link. there are still horror stories surfacing, but for every disappointment with Obamacare (even the true ones about people losing their doctors or having to change their insurance plan) there is another success story, or at the very least, a horror story debunked.

After only the tiniest bit of research, I found myself with a bit of the optimism I had when this whole debate started. “The Affordable Care Act” has caused a lot of stress, but at least at the end of the day I still feel like there’s room to hope that my family will have insurance, and that we won’t have to sell my soul to pay for it (And no, I don’t think I was just being dramatic!. Because of how frustrating it has been just trying to get an application done, I’m still concerned for how this law will play out. I am willing to show a little more patience after reading these blogs and columns. I even feel a little cautious optimism returning, and believe me, that’s a huge improvement compared to how I was feeling about the whole situation before. So to Graciela Guzman and other bloggers and columnists I have to say thanks for helping this ordeal to not feel quite so hopeless

I feel like, at least for now, maybe this is good advice

I feel like, at least for now, maybe this is good advice


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