Richard Sherman Has Me Cheering for the ‘hawks!

Football is so bland. Sports in general are so bland. You have your occaisional Ron Artest/Metta World peace making Headlines for their bizarre antics, but mostly pro sports are just bland. Bland, bland, bland. Yeah, the competition is good some times, but everything that surrounds it is just… bland… Watch any post-game press conference. Listen to a post-game interview. the winning players all say the same thing (something like, “yeah, we played pretty good, they played pretty good, they’re good, but we’re good, blah blah blah”) the losing  players all say the same thing (something like, “yeah, we could’ve played better, they’re a pretty good team, but we could’ve done better, blah, blah, blah.). It’s like pro sports commissions wrote a standard line about what the winners and the losers should say, told everyone to be sportsmanlike, and said “Now nobody step out of line!!!!” And pretty much everyone falls into place. There aren’t any Terrell Owens, or Artests, or even Ray Lewis types anymore

I wasn't going to cheer for the Seahawks. But now I am!!!!

I wasn’t going to cheer for the Seahawks. But now I am!!!!

Enter Richard Sherman, who, in a short post-game interview Sunday night, sent the entire sports media into a frenzy. News outlet spewed words like “Classless, moron, unsportsmanlike,” and a number of much more offensive terms along the way (If you don’t find that ironic, I don’t know where your head is at).

If you’re the one person who didn’t see the interview you can check it out here. Essentially, in a pumped up situation he bragged that he was the best and his opponent was mediocre. that’s it. He didn’t throw out any curse words, no racial slurs, nothing remotely offensive. And the wave of negative responses included a slew of words that were far worse.

The fact that this much outrage has come as a result of a few comments made in the excitement of the moment demonstrates how bland sports has become. Trash talk is gone. If teams have bad blood, no one is allowed to talk about it. Players and coaches just keep on throwing out the “company line,” and when someone steps out of line, even for 15 heated seconds, he is forced to offer an apology that takes way more time than the original “offense.”

Why all the outrage? Why has trash talk become a condemnable offense? Why have we made sports so bland that the short little soundbite whips social media and sports news into such a frenzy? Why do we want players to be stronger, faster, better, then act like best friends after the game’s over. I get that sportsmanship is good, but why can’t players talk a little trash after the game? Why can’t coaches gloat a bit when their team wins a big game? After all, it gives us a whole lot more to talk about.

Except for me. You made me a Seattle fan. And I'm cheering for them as long as that's where you play.

Except for me. You made me a Seattle fan. And I’m cheering for them as long as that’s where you play.

Now on social media so many people who have posted memes and statuses about how they’ll be cheering for the Broncos because of Sherman. Not me. I’m cheering for the Seahawks all the way now. I love that, after making one of the biggest plays of the game, a great player, caught up in a huge moment, inadvertently ditched the “company line” a talked a little trash. And I loved all 20 seconds of it. I hope it happens again when Seattle wins the Super Bowl. And I hope next time he doesn’t apologize.


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