Random Thoughts 3

Here’s another round of random for your day:

1.The biggest sign you might be a jerk is when you see someone well in front of you signal that they’re changing lanes and you speed up to keep them from moving over.

2. Naked Juice is a lie. If it were naked it would be spilled all over the floor. FALSE ADVERTISING!

3. You know what’s frustrating? Sitting down to work and realizing you left your lunch in the car. Or at home on the counter. Or unmade in the ‘fridge.

4. Someone should make a new “Fantasia” movie. Except in this one they should use music like “O Fortuna” and depict epic battles or terrifying scenes of desolation. (also, “Fantasia” is over 70 years old! WHAT!?!?!?!??)

5. I pee in the shower. So do you. The only difference is that I’m willing to admit it.

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 3

  1. Michael

    I will just tell you, of the few demands Suzy has made in the course of our 10-year marriage, one was that I never pee in the shower. And I abide by that demand. I would not lie about this. Luckily, I break wind pretty much every single day, and this does not seem to bother her much.


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