State of the Union Address Aftermath, Minimum wage, and Why I Feel Depressed.

So… the other day that one Obama guy spoke about stuff. No big deal. Nobody really cared. Not based on my social media feeds. oh… except for everyone that wanted to remind the world that he’s a terrible, evil individual, that he’s harming the nation, that he wants to destroy America, Etc. well, at least nobody pulled out an Obama=Hitler reference. I guess I can look at that as a plus.


Look, I have to admit, there are a lot of things I disagree with Obama on. I’ve already posted about the frustrations of Obamacare, and trying my best to stay optimistic. I don’t get a lot of his economic ideas, among other things, but I just don’t get people who, no matter what he says, always assume he’s a tyrant who wants to end the world. And complaining about him is useless at this point anyway. He’s gonna be in office for the next few years, and then he’s gone. Nothing your complaining about will change how that’s happening. So maybe try to be positive? Because all your angst is just making people angry, upset, and in some cases, paranoid and depressed (and bitter. Shout out to Ben, because I’m feeling a bit of that today , too). I have more to say about that, but we’ll save that for another day.

At the heart of President’s speech was a long talk about helping the middle and lower classes, specifically calling for Congress to raise the minimum wage. Not raise it so much that the lowest earners can buy whatever they want, mind you. while it does do a little more than cover the cost of inflation, it’s not like McDonald’s employees are going to have any delusions of 9 bedroom houses. Of course this suggested minimum wage hike, as it always does, propelled the anger of struggling people everywhere, pointing out that it would cause massive job losses, because who can afford to pay workers that kind of money? Certainly not those struggling CEOs of those corporations on the brink of failure. I feel like I’m being very redundant. I’ve talked about minimum wage before, but it’s just so frustrating. Highlighting my frustration is this video from “The Daily Show.” As usual, even though it is over the top, fake news, it manages to hit a few things right on the head, not the least of which being a complete lack of understanding from the upper crust as to the struggles of those less fortunate.

I'm feeling alone here. Maybe my views are wrong.... but... can't we at least try SOMETHING to help?

I’m feeling alone here. Maybe my views are wrong…. but… can’t we at least try SOMETHING to help?

The minimum wage debate may never have an end, and it’s always tough to decide how much you should raise the minimum wage, but from my perspective you don’t need numbers to show that minimum wage does help more than it hurts. All you have to do is go outside this country to another place that doesn’t have minimum wage. Go somewhere in South America for example, and see people living in plywood shacks that are ready to tumble over at the next strong wind, or living in tiny apartments with less than even the basic amenities. I realize that there are many more factors that go into that, but most countries like that have a lack of minimum wage in common.

Maybe that is a moot point. Maybe I just don’t get it, because I’m not an economics major. I’ve already shared my thoughts on minimum wage, making this post somewhat redundant (but hey, that is the point of this blog). I might be wrong about the effectiveness of minimum wage. that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me most goes back to that “Daily Show” video, which seems a good representation of how the “haves” have zero interest in helping the have-nots.” That arrogant “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps” attitude that assumes that if you’re not ahead, it’s because you’re not working hard enough, or maybe you’re just not smart enough. Sucks to be you, right?

And that’s what makes me most depressed of all. Every time I run into this “I feel like it wouldn’t make a difference to help people, so why try?” I get really frustrated. Why do people have to be so self-absorbed? Isn’t it worth it to help another person out? Even if it means a little sacrifice on your part? I guess that a lot of people don’t think so. (“I mean, I give a tiny percentage of my income to this church or that charity. obviously I’m a true humanitarian”).

Ultimately, I’m speechless. I don’t get the hate towards a leader that only exists because he views the world differently. I don’t get the indifference toward people in need (I mean, if you think minimum wage doesn’t help, fine. Could you at least try to come up with an alternative. Something other than “I worked hard, look at how well I did!”)

I wish I had some profound solution to these issues. I know I’ve rambled a lot in this post, but it’s hard to express how frustrating these issues are, and how unwilling people seem to try for a solution, or even so much as listen to the other side’s argument (because hey, they want to destroy America, am I right?). So here I am. Being depressed. I promise I’ll snap out of it and write an upbeat post tomorrow. But for today, I just don’t get it.

I promise, I'm only Marvin today. I'll get over this. Until the next jerk says something about how someone is destroying society just because they disagree...

This sucks… maybe Marvin is right. I should stick to writing about stuff that doesn’t matter…





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