2nd Annual Catchy Blog Super Bowl Pick!

Okay, I’m calling myself out right here, before I even start. How can something be annual when you’ve only done it twice? It has to have happened at least a few times before you can assume it’s annual! You’ve barely been blogging for like a year. And beside that, your Super Bowl post last year sucked! And you were completely wrong. The team you picked (San Fran.) probably lost because of you!!!!!


Okay, now that that’s out of the way… yes, I’m calling this “Annual,” because I want to make it annual. So there.

At any rate, if you’ve lived in a cave for the past several weeks, the Super Bowl this year features the Seattle Seahawks, A.K.A. the most complete team in football, against Peyton Manning and some other players that are okay too.

I have to admit, this is a tough one to call. Seattle’s team is a beast all around, and their defense is especially good. They will have the advantage as their style more fit to the frigid weather that they will see up in New York tomorrow.

On the other hand, Manning, at 37, is playing incredible football. I’m not one to pick him in the Playoffs, as his playoff stats (and of course his record) aren’t really that great, but this year he has played ridiculously well even in the playoffs. It’s hard to go against that.

If you saw my other recent post about this year’s Super Bowl, you’ll know that I’m cheering for the Seahawks to take the game, but all things considered, if have to pick a winner, then I have to go with Denver. I don’t think it will be an extremely high scoring game, but Manning will keep the hot streak going, even against Seattle’s fantastic defense.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think in a close contest Denver will win to the Tune of 27-21.

Who knows, maybe I'll jinx them again this year, but I can't go against Denver if I have to pick a winner.

Who knows, maybe I’ll jinx them again this year, but I can’t go against Denver if I have to pick a winner.


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