Super Bowl XLVIII Review, and the Ten Best Commercials of the Game!

Super Bowl Quote of the night: “Every time I hear Richard Sherman mentioned, all I can think of is ‘Finding Nemo.” (P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!). The Super Show as a whole was entertaining, although the game itself was just bad. Not even mediocre. Just bad…. overall, if I had to give a score card, I’d give the whole package a 5 out of 10. And that’s just because the commercials were okay, and the half time show was great! here’s the rundown of the night from “The Catchy Blogs Perspective”

Congrats to the Seahawks on a convicing Super Bowl victory!

Congrats to the Seahawks on a convincing Super Bowl victory!

First off, Here are my top 10 Super Bowl commercials for this year! click the links as you see fit!

Actually this is most of my friends. Super Bowl parties at my place are petty boring...

Actually this is most of my friends. Super Bowl parties at my place are petty boring…

10. Laurence Fishburn/Kia – this commercial started out like just another lame Matrix ripoff ad. Pretty dumb. Until the Pavarotti lip sync makes for some hilarious explosions. If you’re familiar with the source material this makes for a hilarious twist!

9. Seinfeld/Comedians in Cars – while the actual episode isn’t nearly as fun as “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” usually is (mostly due to the fact that it is obviously scripted to feel like a “Seinfeld” conversation), the ad itself was a big surprise and a nice little nostalgia fest for fans. Yay, Seinfeld!

8. Bruce Willis Honda – Not much to this commercial, just Bruce Willis offering a PSA, and then you realize Fred Armisen shows up… So cute. It made me giggle.

7. Stephen Colbert Wonderful pistachios(part 2 here) – while it’s not super funny out of context, this two part ad that aired with another 30 second commercial sandwiched in between was just the type of humor you would expect from Colbert’s brilliant mind!

6. Budweiser Puppies. – Nothing is cuter than having a puppy and a Clydesdale fall in love. Well done, Budweiser.

5. Muppets and Terry Crews – Put the hilarity of the Muppets and that guy I can only think of as “the other Old Spice guy” together, and you have some wonderful hilarity.

4. Godaddy Spray Tan – Oh Godaddy… I’ll never know what your website is actually for….

3. Rob Riggle + James Franco as Rob Riggle – What a strange commercial. Made even funnier by the fact that James Franco is so good at acting like a tool.

2. Tim Tebow T-Mobile – Super Bowl ads don’t usually make me want to buy a product, but this hilarious spin on Tim Tebow’s NFL contract woes made me think of how much my Verizon contract sucks.

1.McDonald’s bad lip reading – About 5 seconds in I realized that this was the guys from the Bad Lip Reading Youtube Channel, and I loved it. Aside from being a hilarious commercial, I love it any time television legitimizes social media channels like that. Take Youtubers and bloggers seriously, y’all

I posted, like, 20 Facebook statuses during the game. I think half of my Facebook friends have since blocked me...

I posted, like, 20 Facebook statuses during the game. I think half of my Facebook friends have since blocked me…

There were some duds as well. Specifically a weird Butterfinger commercial, a stupid Scarlett Johansson commercial (made even dumber when you look it up on Youtube, as they try to entice you into watching by convincing you it was “banned by Fox” (it should have been banned, for how stupid it was)) a commercial for the next, “Transformers” Movie, which had me thinking “Has Mark Wahlberg’s Career really gotten that bad?” and a bad Chrysler ad, and Time Warner Cable, who both said “Put some celebrities in the ad. That’s all we need to make it good!” Overall I’d call the Super Bowl Ads “Just okay”

Which is more than I can say for the game? Was that Peyton Manning or Tony Romo down there on the field? The Broncos were worthless. Peyton Manning cemented his legacy as a guy who is just not that good in the playoffs, and the whole team imploded. Give the Seahawks Credit though. Russell Wilson truly looked like the next big thing. The ‘hawks’ D lived up to its billing one hundred percent, making life miserable for Manning and the Broncos offense. The game wasn’t exciting at all, but congrats to Seattle.

Poor Peyton. This could be his last chance... and he seriously blew it...

Poor Peyton. This could be his last chance… and he seriously blew it…

And congrats to Bruno Mars. Talk about some quality entertainment. Bruno can put on a solid live show! I really think that we saw the best half time show since the “wardrobe malfunction” a decade ago.

Of Course now I’m 0-2 in Super Bowl picks since starting the catchy blog, but since I really did want to see the Seahawks win, I don’t feel too bad that I whiffed on my pick.

Update: Totally forgot about the Coca Cola America the beautiful commercial! That was neat, too… I’m too lazy to provide a link though, so go Youtube it yourself!


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