Is Frozen the Best Disney Movie Ever? Bet You Won’t Like my Answer.

Frozen has been out on Blu-Ray for a few weeks, and almost immediately it has become the best-selling kids movie out there!. It’s certainly on track to shatter records for kids movie sales, especially after the manipulative Disney company re-releases it on 3D Blu Ray in the fall. (Man Disney is a jerk. Just release the 3D version the first time. If the movie weren’t so good I would just up and boycott Disney altogether)Disney Characters

I loved Frozen. It’s my favorite Disney movie in quite a long time. But is it one of the best Disney movies ever? Sounds like a great time to do a list! ‘CAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE LISTS! So today I’ve compiled the list of the top 5 Disney movies ever, in my opinion! Of course we’re only talking about cartoons, and Pixar movies don’t count (although that sounds like a great subject for another list at some point in the future) So here we go. Counting down the top 5 Disney movies of all time, according to me!

5: Aladdin

That's right. I knew it was 'cause of me.

That’s right. I knew it was ’cause of me.

I Made fun of Aladdin in a recent post about how the title character is a bad influence on kids, but the truth is, Aladdin is a fantastic movie. While I could list all the things that are great about this movie, the simple reality is that the movie is on the list because of Robin Williams and the movie should’ve just been named Genie, because we all know that he’s the biggest reason we loved the movie so much. It was probably deserving in the first place, but Genie ensures Aladdin a spot on my list

4. Frozen

I admit, I’m not sure if this is the right place for Frozen. I’m caught up in the hype as much as anyone. Maybe I put it too high. Maybe it shouldn’t be on the list. Who knows. The important thing to remember is that Frozen is the perfect Disney movie-musical for this generation: Finally we have a Disney movie whose message is that True love isn’t about a kiss, and that true love isn’t even necessarily romantic love at all. There are a million positive messages in Frozen. Add some of the best voice acting and singing that a cartoon has featured in a long time and you can’t help but love the resulting material. Here’s hoping that Disney will continue to build on this new formula they’ve created

Gosh I love this movie. It's hard to place it fairly on the list since I'm so biased right now...

Gosh I love this movie. It’s hard to place it fairly on the list since I’m so biased right now…

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I feel the daggers coming my way already... but man this movie is so underrated.

I feel the daggers coming my way already… but man this movie is so underrated.

This is where I’m really going to get into trouble. I admit, almost all the movies on this list are from my childhood, but unlike the others from that era, The Hunchback shares none of the childhood nostalgia of the other films. I hated this movie as a kid. It was so boring, and the comic relief characters were such a far cry from Timon and Pumbaa. This is the one movie that makes the list in hindsight. The Hunchback is simply not a cartoon for kids. The themes are dark, the songs are deep,

And it’s not really all that much about having fun. While it may get a little serious for its own good, this is one of the few Disney cartoons that tackles serious issues. It’s more than just “Why can’t we all love each other.” this film takes on issues like religious self-righteousness, judging those around us, treating people differently who are different. Of course some of these issues appear in some form in other Disney cartoons, but none of them hit the nail on the head like this one. If you didn’t like The Hunchback before, try again. You might just be pleasantly surprised. Like me, you might find you like it more as an adult than you did as a kid.

2. The Lion King

I still can't believe that was Matthew Broderick

I still can’t believe that was Matthew Broderick

This is the quintessential coming of age story, at least as far as Disney is concerned. It is also one of the most impressive collaborative efforts, utilizing the talents of Elton John and the then completely unknown Hanz Zimmer in the music department. Combine the epic score with cute animals, great animation, and a storyline that is executed to perfection, and you have arguably the best cartoon ever made. The Lion King is simply brilliant, and it shows what can happen with effective direction, talent and collaboration (sounds like the moral of a kids movie. HEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!)

1. Beauty and the Beast

If I was could only take one Disney romance with me, this would be it... or Belle and Gaston... 'cause he's also a beast!

If I was could only take one Disney romance with me, this would be it… or Belle and Gaston… ’cause he’s also a beast!

Alan Menken should’ve just retired after this one (I’m glad he didn’t, cause then “Enchanted” never would’ve happened). Beauty and the Beast is easily the best Disney movie out there. Unlike it’s predecessor from a few years earlier that gave us a whiny spoiled redhead who couldn’t stand the perfect life she had, Beauty and the Beast offered us a female lead who is actually a heroine. Yes, so she does require saving at one point in the movie, but she does her share of rescuing to. Belle is one of the first Disney Princesses that has me saying “Hey, if my daughter wants to be like her, I’m cool with that.” Belle paved the way for other strong women like Mulan and eventually Anna and Elza from our new favorite Disney movie.

Seriously. Much like the prologue to Pixar's "Up" this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in a cartoon. And the music is incredible!

Seriously. Much like the prologue to Pixar’s “Up” this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. And the music is incredible!

In addition to the strong lead, Beauty and the Beast does everything else right, too. It is the only Disney movie that creates a villain that is as endearingly bad as the hero is endearingly good, and while some of the songs are decidedly cheesy (see “Gaston”) they are always self-aware and never irritating. Unlike the Little Mermaid, with that irritating Seagull, Unlike Pocahontas where the villain is the most irritatingly stupid character ever, and unlike Mulan, where Eddie Murphy just can’t be controlled, every character, good and bad, appeals to the story and is likable in some way. Even if you’re not supposed to like them. You have to. No wonder Beauty and the Beast was nominated for best picture.

So what do you think? are you ticked that your favorite got snubbed? Mad that I left whiny ariel and her excuse-making crab friend off the list? Mad that I didn’t include any Greeks? Maybe you think Disney cartoons pre-90’s deserve some more love? I’d love to hear you criticize me for putting Hunchback on the list at all! Just know that, while you are entitled to your opinion, I am right, and you are wrong. Yes, these are the 5 best, and yes, they go in this order!


7 thoughts on “Is Frozen the Best Disney Movie Ever? Bet You Won’t Like my Answer.

  1. BTW07

    I absolutely agree with your top two picks! Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie. As much as I loved Frozen though, I’m still unsure if I personally want to rank it in the top 5, let alone the top 10. I actually thought Tangled was better.

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I get what you mean. I may just be buying into the hype with frozen, but I do think it was better than tangled. I’m a big music guy, and the music from tangled didn’t really do it for me. There are a couple songs I really like, but I always thought “mother knows best” and “I’ve got a dream” are kind of annoying. But I guess I felt that way about the “fixer upper” song from frozen too.

      1. BTW07

        The music from “Frozen” was wonderful and extremely catchy, although I felt “Fixer upper” was the song that didn’t fit well. I would have liked to see Kristoff sing a solo or maybe a duet with Anna instead. But my main issue with “Frozen” was the execution of the story. I didn’t like how the script kept repeating the idea that you can’t marry the first person who meet, true love, etc. I get it was suppose to modernize fairy tales and then build-up to the finale, which I loved, but the road to get there just didn’t work for me. And your blog is great by the way! Glad to have found it!

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