New Ways to Connect With the Catchy Blog!!!

The grand experiment continues! As I continue to post new rants and random ideas, I’m now branching out, just to see what I can do! As I get ever closer to 100 followers (will it ever happen? We’ll never know. I guess I’ll just have to keep writing to find out! at any rate there are new ways to connect to the catchy blog! first off, there is a new email address exclusive to the blog! If you want to bug me, now you can do it publicly, by commenting on my posts, or you can do it privately, by emailing That’s right! I’m on GMAIL! woot!

Also, the Catchy Blog has a BRAND NEEEEWWWW FACEBOOK PAGE! (Boy it’s time’s like this I wish I had a fancy deep used-car-salesman voice!) You can now like the Catchy blog on Facebook to get blog updates there! Better yet, You can visit the page by clicking here!

Be the first to like the Catchy Blog on Facebook! You know you want to! You know you always wanted to be the first at something! Be the first at this!!!! Do It! I promise it will be worth it! seriously! Please do it?!??! Sheesh. I feel like Adam Sandler in that lame Saturday Night Live Sketch from way back when. Please like my page!


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