I Stand Corrected About That Sterling Scandal

It’s time for me to admit I’m wrong. Down right wrong. That’s right, it can be done, contrary to what television pundits and my “About” page will tell you. I jumped on the Donald Sterling bashers bandwagon, but I said “to boycott not the answer!” I was coming from the idea that there was no way you could force him out based on a boycott, since he is the sole owner of the Clippers franchise. But boy, was I wrong. Turns out you can ban an owner from his own franchise! And Sterling’s fresh lifetime ban comes at the heels of fans and advertisers bolting, among other things! So here’s me, saying hey! That last post was foolishness, and I was totally foolish and shortsighted…

…And, to a greater degree, ignorant. I’m not going to comment further on the Sterling issue, but I invite you to watch this video that popped up on my Facebook wall today. It’s something that folks really should pay attention to, and I think the voice in this conversation is spot on about the deeper issues surrounding this scandal. Consider this video my first step toward being a little less ignorant of the world around me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well! here is a link to an article following up the rant, but if you just want to listen to the original, stay right here!


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