Christianity is on the Decline? Blame the “ChrEaster” Crowd.

It seems like some Christian folks can’t stop talking about how Christianity is losing its foothold in the U.S. (different articles give you different numbers, but for whatever reason, it’s on something of a decline) They’re quick to blame various culprits for the issues: Maybe it’s Sciences fault, some say. Or atheists. (They sure are an unsavory bunch) Or maybe they blame other religions (I hear Muslims make great scapegoats in the 21st century) or homosexuals (what with they’re secret plans to destroy families, then take over the world, and make everyone dress more appropriately) while still others blame democrats (because God is a republican after all, and will only support a nation with a free market economy and no welfare checks). Yes there seem to be endless ways to blame others for our problems. You can’t attribute the decline in self proclaimed Christians to any one thing, but I’m going to place a significant portion of the blame on one group. And their right inside the doors of the Christian churches… Well… sort of…

I’m not for the whole guilt the worshiper thing. but seriously. Church has got a point. When you can only give 2 hours a year? That’s some kind of lazy….

two weeks ago on Easter Sunday, the Lutheran church I work at was near overflowing for 2 of its 3 Easter services…

…”Wait, wait, wait,” I hear some of you saying. “Didn’t you just say you were Mormon? didn’t you just last week devote two excruciatingly long posts to Mormon issues?” Yes, that’s right. I am. But I also currently attend and work in a Lutheran church. I know, crazy, right? My Sunday’s are nuts. It’s a long story. Maybe I’ll tell you some time. On the other hand, maybe I’ll just leave you to speculate…

At any rate, as expected, our congregation had ballooned to an incredible degree on Easter. It was exciting! The pastor was revved up and gave an excellent sermon. The choir provided some energized music for the service. everyone felt great!

then the next Sunday came, this past week. Our congregation was reduced to some old folks, and one family with kids. All the good ol’ Christians had their fill. We had once again been victimized by those who attend twice a year, the other time on Christmas. Yes… it’s the dreaded Christmas/Easter crowd, or as I will now come to call them… the ChrEaster crowd. And guess what I say? Well I say, if Christianity is on the decline, then a big fault rests on them. I know a few ChrEasterers. And while I imagine they’re not all this way, in my experience they seem to be the ones complaining about the apparent lack of faith in the U.S. they’re always wondering why we’re not a Christian nation… My thoughts? Maybe if you showed up and tried to act like a Christian more than twice a year rather than blaming the gays or the muslims, you might have a more successful crowd. You might have kids and family more willing to accept God in the face of what atheists will tell you is evidence he doesn’t exist. Maybe you…

“Hey wait a minute.” that’s awful generalizy of you.”

Yes, I agree, it is generalizy of me. And you’re excellent at making up words.

“Thanks. but since you’re just putting words in my mouth, didn’t you actually make that word up?”

Touché… That’s why I keep you around. Good thinking.

I realize we appropriated other holidays into our own celebrations as Christians, but honestly, I wonder if some of us literally confused Jesus and Santa, and so, like me as a kid, they only try to be really good in December

I realize we appropriated other holidays into our own celebrations as Christians, but honestly, I wonder if some of us literally confused Jesus and Santa, and so, like me as a kid, they only try to be really good in December

I know I’m over-generalizing. but around this time of year I can’t help but wonder who Christians are to complain that Christianity doesn’t have the same focus it used to. If Christians aren’t willing to make an effort to build up their congregational community and be active supporters, and good, loving examples of the believers both in and out of their faith-based community, then who are they to complain? huh? I would sure like to know.

So there it is. If Christianity really is headed downhill, I’m not going to blame some minority group somewhere. I’m gonna look into the source. I’m Looking at us Christians.

“Look man, I gotta be honest. I’m still confused. Are you Mormon or Lutheran?” How does that even work.”

This image is only here because it came up when I searched for Christmas/Easter Christians... I guess Tony Stark only goes to church twice a year.

This image is only here because it came up when I searched for Christmas/Easter Christians… I guess Tony Stark only goes to church twice a year.

Look, I’m a double dipper, okay. I’ll tell you that story some other time, but just for now, Imagine that I’m putting my whole mouth in the Christian dip. And if you’re a ChrEasterer, then get over yourself and either get to church, or stop complaining about the fall of Christianity. And definitely stop blaming someone else for that.


6 thoughts on “Christianity is on the Decline? Blame the “ChrEaster” Crowd.

  1. sarahleelopez4377

    You’re an open double dipper and that is the best kind! This post made me giggle because it is shit I always say. Faith comes from practice and belief not from hypocritically running to church twice a year and then passing judgement and complaints the rest of the year. People kill me!

  2. Wayne

    Christianity is about love not about worrying where it ranks in the AP poll. Speaking for myself – I don’t blame any group or other religion for where it fails or succeeds. It is so difficult for some people to cross the theshold of a church doorway that I am glad when they do it with a well-intended heart. Once in a lifetime might make all the difference? So I respectfully disagree with this post but I still was compelled to read it so I thank you for that.

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Wayne. The true reason for this post is that I see a lot of church’s quite literally dying on a weekly basis, while there are many who take it for granted by only showing up twice a year. From the looks of my church, there will be a day not too long in the future where those people will show up one easter or Christmas for the service and the doors will be closed, because the real congregation will have died off. And I find that sad that those people don’t seem to care that it could happen. But I agree with your statement 100%. This post isn’t about where we rank. I didn’t mean for it to come off that way. Plus I was purposely being snarky.

      1. Wayne

        Yeah—I can see that—if everyone treats the church like a bathroom stop at a 7-11 to be used only if and when they desperately need it, while not becoming a part of it —-then it can not survive. I do get that and you are absolutely correct about many shutting the doors.

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