Share This Post: You Won’t Save the World, But You Will Be More Cynical!

Okay Facebook…. Just stop it. All you social media sites… Just stop it. Right now. No more. Stop all of it this instant.  Please? I’m talking about posts like this one here:

Oh... okay.. didn't know God cared so much about Facebook...

Oh… okay.. didn’t know God cared so much about Facebook…

I just don’t understand it. Ever since I was a little kid that signed up for my very first free hotmail account, have I been receiving stupid chain-mail type “share this for good luck” nonsense. Tell me Facebook. Tell me social media. Has sharing this caused you any sort of good luck? did the miracle happen right then and there? Did you fall into a million bucks? Did someone’s Cancer disappear? Tell me how that worked out. How about the other nine-thousand times you shared similar memes. I mean, what the eff?

And it never stops. you would think after 6 million memes manipulating people into sharing them, people would just stop!!!! Are we that starved for attention? Do we really need to manipulate people that much into clicking like or share? I mean… I’m a blogger… so I guess that’s really all I do… but at least I try to put some thought into it! And yes I do know what you’re thinking, and I DO in fact, see the irony of this post! But I’m going to post and complain anyway. Because why on earth should people be allowed to share stupid stuff like this?

There. I shared this. It's proof I love Jesus. Now I'm gonna go kill someone...

There. I shared this. It’s proof I love Jesus. Now I’m gonna go kill someone…

Well... I did post this here. But I didn't share on Facebook. Sorry Grandma

Well… I did post this here. But I didn’t share on Facebook. Sorry Grandma

Yes. I'm sad. But that's not the reason I shared this.

Yes. I’m sad. But that’s not the reason I shared this.

They get so absurd. And these are things that… well… I think it’s a joke… at least… I hope it’s a joke… please tell me you’re just making fun of these other memes.

well... that escalated quickly...?

well… that escalated quickly…?

Oh… and then there are the chain mail comments too big to fit into a meme. I thought they stopped when Facebook came around. But it turns out people are still praying on the gullibles. By the way, if you don’t click this link and read the story, a ghost will come to your house and kill you, Ring style.

Think that’s silly? How ’bout the fact that there’s a Facebook page whose premise is like me or you will die!?!? Or how about the fact that Yahoo! Answers has an actual question and answer forum about whether you can die from ignoring things on the internet?

I’m telling you, this is so ridiculous. And you (that’s right, YOU) apparently keep falling for it. Either that or you’re the douche propagating it and manipulating all the gullibles. I’m gonna start calling you douche face. Seriously…

So yeah. Just stop it, all you social media sites. You wanna get likes? Put at least as much thought into your meme as the rest of us. I know… I know. that’s hard. It hurts your head. But it hurts mine too, thinking of how dumb you are. So just stop. Now.

... Unless you share this... 'cause this is a meme I can get behind

… Unless you share this… ’cause this is a meme I can get behind



2 thoughts on “Share This Post: You Won’t Save the World, But You Will Be More Cynical!

  1. sarahleelopez4377

    OMG this drives me insane, I have ranted about it several times Lol. Who really thinks this has real effect or feels the need to pass this crap on and the people that do it flood the crap out of the rest of our feeds!

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Maybe I’ll s start spamming everyone who does that with this post. Kill two birds with one stone: promote my blog AND express how annoyed I am😉


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