A Blogger’s Quandry: to Post or Not to Post!

I’ve had three basic experiences writing blogs so far. Experience number one goes something like this: “This post is great! I can’t wait to get this online! Maybe it will even get noticed and Freshly Pressed or something! I feel like this is pretty brilliant!” That hasn’t happened often to me yet, but the rare occasions it does it gets me super excited (And subsequently super depressed when it doesn’t get read by more than two people)

Don't tell me that! I want to believe people like what I write!!!!

Don’t tell me that! I want to believe people like what I write!!!!

Experience Number two happens most frequently. I finish a post and say “This is okay. At the very least it’s readable. I’m happy enough with it to share it with the world.” I’m happy to post those types because I feel like the posts are good enough to get me a little attention, a few more readers, and some good feedback from the folks who are kind enough to take the time to read. I’m okay with that.

Experience number three happens fairly frequently as well, though. This is when I’m about halfway into a new post, or maybe I’m nearing the end, and suddenly I realize: This post is awful. It’s absolute crap. No one in their right mind would read this!

As a blogger in that situation, what do you do? I mean in my case, I’m sitting there like, I’ve rambled on for about 5 minutes!!!! If I just trash this post then that will be such a huge waste of time! But if I post it, then someone might click on my post, read it, and be like…. “dude… this kid couldn’t come up with compelling material if the ghost of Charles Dickens teamed up with the ghost of Mark Twain and gave him years of writing lessons!”

Kinda like this image in this post is irrelephant...

Kinda like this image in this post is irrelephant…

So far, I’ve hit that post button every time I finished a post. Almost every post I’ve written has received at least one like… which I guess means you guys are more forgiving of my crappy writing than I am… Or maybe it really isn’t as bad as I think it is… or maybe you just have really low standards for good writing. Or maybe you think “This poor guy. He sure tried hard. I mean… he put at least 5 minutes into this post. I gotta make him feel better. Doesn’t take any effort to click ‘Like’, right?”

Ultimately I guess it’s worth posting crap, because if nothing else, it’s fun for me to vent about random nonsense like this, and if a crappy post leads to one or new likes or follows, it served a positive purpose right? (Speaking of likes and follows, Statistics show that if you click “like” you will be 100% happier in life (Or 100% annoyed at the complete shamelessness of this blog (Or 100% surprised at the complete misuse of Parentheses in my posts)))

I'm sure this thing does work... just don't know what for...

I’m sure this thing does work… just don’t know what for…

On the other hand. Crap is flying all over the place, and we tolerate it. We all have that friend that posts a new selfie every two minutes. You know my favorite part of that? When they have to tell you in the caption where the selfie took place because it looks exactly like THE OTHER ONE THOUSAND SELFIES YOU ALREADY POSTED ON YOUR FACEBOOK!!!!!!!

But I digress. I’m interested to know what you do as a blogger. Do you post something even if you don’t feel great about what wrote? Or do you try to do some quality control on your posts? What do you do when your blog post feels like the last season of “Heroes?” Do you filter out your own crap, or do you let the feces fly when it’s necessary. OR… are you just more awesome than me and all your writing is always fantastic!?!?!? Let me know. I’d be interested to know your strategies and thoughts in your own writing.



5 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Quandry: to Post or Not to Post!

  1. Jimmo68

    I just started blogging and really struggled with not posting the first few paragraphs that came to mind. I’ve posted short stories on Facebook before and always felt afterwards that they could have been so much better if only I spent an extra 10 minutes polishing them. I’m hoping that by starting a blog it will give me that added patience that my writing so desperately needs. What is it about a post that makes us so itchy to publish it just as soon as we consider it “decent”? Anywho, I really enjoyed this one.

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I took a quick glance at your blog and it looks pretty interesting. I’ll have to take a closer look 🙂

      I think it’s hard to be patient posting stuff. There’s certainly an argument for quantity over quality when blogging, because the more you post, the greater chances of people seeing your blog will be, so it’s hard for me to resist the temptation to post as much crap as possible to get noticed.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts!

  2. sabrinacarvalho

    Haha, this is soo true and I relate word for word… some days I just write my heart out and realize its not funny enough or to compassionate or thought provoking enough and even after editing it doesn’t seem interesting enough to post… so I keep the draft and post pictures, very soon my blog is going to turn into a photo blog.. 😦 , at this point I have way tooo many drafts and not enough photos…

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      you have more discipline than me. I’ve hit the post button on at least a few posts knowing full well that they totally suck. But I guess that’s part of the fun of blogging. You can post whatever you want. Whether someone reads it can be a totally different question though!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts! Don’t give up on your posts! I bet they’re better than you think they are!

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