Follows in the Triple Digits!!!!


You all make my day!!!

You all make my day!!!

The Catchy Blog has surpassed triple digits! I know, I know, all you bloggers out there with thousands of followers are all like “Oh, look at the cute little blogger. He’s excited about 100 follows. Well you know what? You’re stuck up! And I appreciate that each one of the followers that took the time to come around and check out the shenanigans I post on this silly little page! Thanks to everyone who clicked the follow button (and the 3 whole people that liked me on Facebook… I gotta get control of this social media thing ;).

So here’s the crazy part… before the post I wrote earlier today (which you should totally check out by clicking here)  I had 99 total followers. After my post 3 bloggers clicked the follow button. Now… it’s been a long time since I took a math class… but last I checked… 99 + 3 was 102… But somehow… I only have 101… makes total sense… I guess the only conclusion is that while I got 3 people who said “this nut seems interesting” Someone else said “this dude is a douche” and left the party.

The reason I bring this up is ’cause I wanted to thank my 100th follower. who theoretically should’ve been Jimmo68. But since math doesn’t work in the blogosphere my actual 100th follower was belikewaterproduction. but here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna thank both of these followers and congratulate my TWO 100th followers (Yes. It does make sense.) I’m providing links to their blogs. just click on their screen names and go check them out. I haven’t actually checked them out yet. But I’m certain they have excellent content.

“Wait… you’re referring us to bloggers who’s sites you haven’t even looked at?”

Yeah… they followed me, which means they obviously are really cool peeps (or at the very least very nice… and patient… and forgiving… positive influences on society) Just click the links, okay!?!?!? these guys deserve some serious recognition. And I am going to head over to their sites as soon as this is posted! Meet me over there! We’ll have a great time!!!

Thanks to all yous guys again. If I had the time to be all over each of your pages supporting you I would (and I do go back to my followers list and click on pages just to see what they’re up to. Even if I didn’t follow you back I still do stop by from time to time just to see what is happening… a couple of my first followers’ blogs no longer exist… sad day…)

That's right. I'm talking to you! The one reading this post right now!!!

That’s right. I’m talking to you! The one reading this post right now!!!

You’re all awesome, wonderful people! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you all again very soon!

To close off this post, I feel like you need to hear some inspirational music that encapsulates exactly how I feel about you all!!!


9 thoughts on “Follows in the Triple Digits!!!!

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      I didn’t recall ever getting Freshly pressed. But either way, I’m glad you found me, and glad you’re sticking around (no pun intended spider-friend). Thanks for the comment!

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Thanks again for stopping by! Glad your still enjoying the place. And I will probably celebrate. With ice cream. and I will be very happy 🙂


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