What Would Happen if We Treated TV Shows Like Marvel Movies?

Ever since the first X-Men movie way back in 2000, it seems like Superhero movies have slowly trended toward interconnectedness. (is that actually a word? Well… I’m a blogger. I get to make up words…) After the X-Men trilogy we had movies focusing on Characters like that Wolverine Origins movie (which, aside from the completely awful CG, I didn’t think was all that awful a film), and then Marvel literally made like, fifteen movies just to set up the Avengers movie back in 2012. Suddenly the Marvel Universe and all of its movies have this neat feeling that all of its movies somehow weave together. They’re making quite the tapestry, which makes its respective characters seem more vibrant. Each movie has relevance to the overall storyline. It’s a pretty exciting concept for comic book fans (as long as you nerds can stop whining about all the things that aren’t true to the comics)

Now Warner Bros is starting to follow suit, with “Batman v Superman” slated for 2016. It seems like weaving separate characters together in comic book movies is the new trend, and people seem to agree that the crossover makes everything more interesting. And I most definitely agree. In fact, we need to take the crossover to a whole new level!

Batman and Superman will be the next to copycat the Avengers... I know I'm not the first to say it, but when is that Justice League movie gonna happen?

Batman and Superman will be the next to copycat the Avengers… I know I’m not the first to say it, but when is that Justice League movie gonna happen?

… Which is why I think we should do the same thing with TV shows. I’m not talking about what Disney has done, with “Once Upon a Time” (which is also a great concept that basically also follows “the Avengers” model) I’m talking about acting like TV shows occur in the same universe and weave them together. Just think of all of the neat possibilities that would ensue if we could bring TV shows together?

here’s a perfect example. The shows Criminal Minds and Bones have both been on the air seemingly forever (they both started way back in 2005). If either show goes on much longer they’ll have double digits on their number of seasons filmed, which is pretty impressive, considering the shows have both run on their own formulas that only change slightly from one given week to the next. You know what would be fantastic though? If somehow these shows came together for an episode, or even a few episodes, it would be epic… and hilarious. The main reason I think that crossover would be so interesting, is because the main characters on Bones hate Psychology so much, and the methods used by the team in Criminal minds would just drive Temperance Brennan completely nuts. Driving these two forces that both do the same thing (catchy super creepy criminals), but who do their job in two completely different ways, would create a super fun dynamic.

I'm not the first one to have thought of this. Clearly it is an awesome idea!

I’m not the first one to have thought of this. Clearly it is an awesome idea!

Or how about this one? I know a lot of people feel like the show “Supernatural” has gone on for like… way too long (it also started way back in 2005… man… a lot good shows started in 2005). But how about this for a finale? For Sam and Dean’s last mission before they finally decide to throw in the towel, they decide to kill all the characters from “the Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood,” . Then, after one hard days work, they decide, you know, we’re on a roll. Let’s go find some random Zombie killing spell and “gank” the walkers in AMC’s best undead series?

Should've known someone would've already thought of this...

Should’ve known someone would’ve already thought of this… My ending would be much, much better though…

Or how about this? Remember how back in the day Scooby-Doo had those awful spinoff shows where Scooby and the gang would run into some random cartoon version of some semi-famous person that made most kids go “who?” We could do something like that with TV shows. Like… what if Jack Bauer showed up in an episode of “American Horror Story,” torturing and interrogating ghosts and crazies and stuff!!! or What if Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” Showed up in the new “Heroes” Spin-off that NBC is planning. I bet Sheldon would have a crazy awesome superpower. I can’t wait to see it!

Starring Sheldon Cooper. Serious guys. it's TV gold!!!

Starring Sheldon Cooper. Serious guys. it’s TV gold!!!

The possibilities could be endless. Sure it would take some serious cooperation and collaboration between different networks, writers, producers, etc, but isn’t that worth it to create some of the best Avengers-like drama/comedy that the world has ever seen!?!?!? totally worth it!


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