The Condundrum: The Less I Have To Do, The Less I Want To Do.

Having time off sure is great, right!!! maybe get a week or two off from working where you can kick back and relax! Time where you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can do whatever you want for as long as you want. It’s so great! Just getting to that vacation. That time off! If I can just make it, everything will be better! Because work sucks!

There’s a problem with this logic though. give me about 3 or 4 days into any vacation and something weird happens: I start to lose motivation to do anything at all… Exercise? Nah, too hard. Go out? Too hot. It’s summer time. Watch a movie? Too long. Play a video game!? Too repetitive. Write a blog? nobody reads it. What’s the point anyway, nobody reads my stupid blog.

I promise, I'm only Marvin today. I'll get over this. Until the next jerk says something about how someone is destroying society just because they disagree...


Don't tell me that! I want to believe people like what I write!!!!

But at least I’m still writing.

By the time a week or two has passed (SUMMER VACATION, WOOOOOOOO) I start to feel annoyed at the thought of doing anything. But I can’t just sit and do nothing. Then I would feel like a bigger waste of time and space than I already am. What in the world am I supposed to do? I mean. Eating? What for? Well… I can eat the bag of candy in the cupboard…. but anything else? I’d have to go and make something… it’d take like… 5 whole minutes!!! I can’t do that. And going out to eat would be great, but it’s just so hot outside, and then I’d have to spend money. I don’t want to do that. And don’t even think about going and getting fresh air. That sun is way too hot, to say nothing of it completely burning my eyeballs out every time I step outside!!!

This is me. And it's not like it's an accident. I put myself here on a weekly basis.

Why do I need to go out anyway? I’m perfectly comfortable here!

It’s safe to say that I can’t have a vacation that lasts longer than a week, and definitely not two, because then I just start to feel as useful as a Windows 95 PC (or just Windows 95 itself… although I do miss the screen saver where you’re flying through space and instead of stars you see Windows logos flying past). And I weigh as much as one too (seriously… I remember those things weighing like… a million pounds).

I'm not a fence sitter... although this guy looks strangely comfortable...

I’m not sitting like this to flaunt my depressed feelings… promise…

The fact that I even mustered up the will to write a post about how completely lazy and worthless I’m feeling is a miracle in itself.

this all makes me wonder… I mean… I know I’m not clinically depressed or anything like that. But… what about people who are depressed. Would part of the cure for people’s depression be just to keep themselves busy? Is having things that you have to do a cure all by itself? We all complain about work. We complain about our bosses. We complain about our coworkers. We wish we could just win the lottery so we won’t have to do anything like that. But even I have to admit… Working in a crappy job has to be more fulfilling than sitting around and getting your money’s worth out of your Netflix subscription. I mean, sure, Netflix is great, but how many times can you watch the Rocky movies before you get sick of them (the answer is quite a few; And as your brain cells deteriorate, each movie gets better and better!!!)

I think I'll spend the next 5 minutes trying to figure out if this is a Gremlin or not... Now that's productivity!

I think I’ll spend the next 5 minutes trying to figure out if this is a Gremlin or not… Now that’s productivity!

Maybe it’s reaching too far to say “keep busy and that will solve your problems,” but at least for me, It doesn’t take long to realize that I gotta do something, and that something can’t involve the last season of “Heroes.” I need to get out of the house and work and have a sense of purpose… even if that purpose is… I don’t know… mowing lawns… or something… (Just not Burger King. Anything but Burger King).

Anyway, I hope you’re having a more productive day than me… At the very least I took the time to write this post for you to read. So now we’re both being productive… sort of… 🙂



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