Random Thoughts V

It’s been far too long since posted any utterly random thoughts: Here are five more to get your day started off right:

The best hybrid ever, this is!

The best hybrid ever, this is!

1. Sometimes, When I look at a crescent moon I think… “I wonder if I could pull that down, spread butter all over it, and eat it like your standard croissant.”

2. Sometimes, when I look at a crescent moon I think… “If I threw it away, would it come back to me like a boomerang?”

3. I know music games aren’t really “in,” anymore, but I wish they would come out with a music game based on the music of the band “Foreigner” entitled “Jukebox Hero.”

4. Sooo… Smash Bros fans… Characters… Mario… Then… Wario… evil Mario… Then… Lu-cario… Poke-mario… And for that matter… what about Ro-sario Dawson…. Celebrity chick-mario?

5. You know… it’s a good thing John Mellencamp dropped the “Cougar” for his nickname way back when… I can think of about 10 ways that nickname would be totally creepy nowadays…

If you like my particular brand of Random then click here to check out number four, or just click on the “Tweet sized Morsels” tab. Thanks for stopping by! Add some random of your own in the comments section or on “The Catchy Blog” Facebook page! I love hearing the weird, random, funny, strange thoughts that come out of people’s minds!


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts V

  1. sarahleelopez4377

    Haha I love random thoughts!
    I wonder if jelly gets jealous of my obsessive love of peanut butter…..
    Will there ever be a pill that helps people not be rude dumbasses
    Will we ever actually get to live like the Jetson’s (because that is just cool)

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