The Blogger Returns

So… Hi… Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Did you wonder where I went?


Or were you glad that I wasn’t around clogging up your news feed?


My return to the blog is going to be as awesome as these guys' return to school!!!

My return to the blog is going to be as awesome as these guys’ return to school!!!

Okay, seriously, it’s very good to be back! It has been several months since my last post. I’m glad to be back and writing… it would’ve been so sad to end on such a downer post…

Things got real crazy the last few months. Moves happened, jobs happened. Travel Happened. Ceremonies Happened. Frozen happened… over and over again… Frozen is still happening…. Why did I ever let my daughter watch Frozen….. WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!

needless to say I haven't been wasting away while I was gone!

needless to say I haven’t been wasting away while I was gone!

I’ve learned a few things over the past few months. I’ve thought of seemingly hundreds of blog posts… Some have come and gone, and couldn’t be posted. Some will happen, because they are crazy ramblings of my mind, and if you’ve followed me, then you’ve learned how my imagination is truly terrifying

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned since we last met… Offices… Offices are awesome… If you haven’t had one, you should get one. It’s can put stuff in them… You can work in peace in them… you can plan ahead with them…

Take today for instance… I totally missed my alarm today… like… by an hour… screwed up the settings and everything… totally almost didn’t make it to work in time…

But I had planned ahead… so I threw on clothes and ran to work…

When I got to my office, my comb, and some breakfast snacks were already waiting for me in the event that something like this happened. and sooner or later something like this was bound to happen. But thanks to my office, disaster was totally averted…

“okay, really? You come back from months of not blogging, and you talk about how excited you are to have an office?”

Okay, so two things: one – if you’ve never had your own office before… it’s friggin’ awesome, and two – the little things, man. the little things.

I Googled "Crazy" and this popped up... enough said...

I Googled “Crazy” and this popped up… enough said…

“This post is so weird… whats up with you…?”

I’m just glad to be back, imaginary blog reader in my head.

“Awesome! I’m glad to be back, too! now you can write down the imaginary blogging conversations we will have again!”

Exactly… it’s the little things…

“Sure is… hey… We just agreed on something… isn’t the point of me to point out the stupidity of your arguments and basically always disagree with you?”

go away…

So anyway, If you’re still there, I hope you’ll stick around. The Catchy Blog is back online!


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