Trying (and Failing) to Have Something to Be Mad About

Today I told myself, “Sir! You are going to write a blog post! And you are going to get angry! It doesn’t matter what the subject of the post is! You’re going to be mad about it!”

Now, I know that is a little absurd, but the other day I actually had something that I wanted to write an angry rant about… but I didn’t get online that day… and I forgot what that post was about… but I was left with a sense that “I need to rant about something, because that’s what I would’ve done the other day… What was it that I wanted to rant about!?”

I was sure I could come up with it. I mean, there are global/international crises like Ebola constantly worrying people, along with terrorists, and there are inept politicians who can’t seem to do anything about… anything. There are local issues where I live. There are stupid people at work who say and do things that are certainly worthy of a rant… I could talk about any of those things… I’m sure whatever I was “ranty” about is somewhere in that list…

but I couldn’t remember… not even a little bit…

I mean... seriously though...

I mean… seriously though…

because you know what? Life is good. Yes, there are terrorists and terrible people out there. Yes, there are government types that seem to be awful at their jobs. Yes, there are diseases and issues that we can’t control. But you know what? Life is good! And today, for all I’ve tried to find something to be mad about, I just can’t do it! I have good people in my life! I have a job I love, and while it doesn’t pay a ton, it pays enough (barely). and while there are a few stupid people at work, I still very much enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy going to work in the morning. and though I’m not old, it still feels like I’ve had years and years where that wasn’t the case.

... Nope. I'm not even mad about that. In fact...  I liked the ending to "Lost" in a weird way...

… Nope. I’m not even mad about that. In fact… I liked the ending to “Lost” in a weird way…

I also enjoy coming home at night to a family after a satisfying day at work. I have a good home and a good family. Almost every day is a good day. Life isn’t perfect, and maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out what in the world it was I wanted to complain about and get fired up for! But for today… I just can’t do  it. It’s Saturday. And I’m in a good mood…

Maybe that’s the reason I can’t get mad… I got to sleep in this morning…. either way… today, life is way too good to be mad!


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