The Closet Cowboys Fan: “Is it Safe to Come Out?”

I know I don’t talk much about sports. A big reason for that is that there is so much sports media out there, and there’s really nothing to say that isn’t beat down by sports TV analysts and sports bloggers all over the place.

The stars have been dim in Dallas in recent years...

Please let this feeling be real… oh, just let it be real! Oh, please oh please oh please football god!

The other big reason is that my favorite team in all of sports is the Dallas Cowboys. It has been that way since I was a kid watching them dominate in the 90’s. Ever since, the Cowboys have been dreadful, and I’ve never been able to shake my fanatical feelings.

So when somebody says “Oh, you like football? What team do you follow?” I sheepishly respond “Oh, I’m a Cowboys fan.”

People are sympathetic. Even though they don’t like the Cowboys, they often say, “Oh, well they are decent” (substituting “decent” for “dreadful” or “Painfully mediocre”)

People are sympathetic because, as any real football fan knows, even though the Cowboys are always in the media and always hyped up, being a Cowboys fan isn’t much different from being a Cleveland Browns fan. Both have spent the last 20 or so Januarys sitting at home watching someone else’s team.

So now, with the Cowboys finally on top of the league in the early season, I’m finding myself peeking out the door asking “is it safe to come out?” Can I trust this feeling of excitement that tells me the Cowboys are worth something.

I’ll tell you one thing: I purposely turned on sports radio today so I could relish every analyst talking up the Cowboys. It’s such a good feeling to hear people say “the Cowboys might be the best team in the NFL” YAHOOOOOOO!

… But can I trust it? Can I really come out into the sunlight and relish my fandom again?

… I’ve spent so many years listening to Cowboys hype, and always coming away disappointed. This one feels so real this time around… But years of mediocrity still have me skeptical. And now I’m worried that everyone is back on Dallas’ bandwagon, it’s all going to fall apart. Because it can’t be real. And because that is how it has happened before.

We Cowboys fans are accustomed to seeing faces like this at the end of the game

We all know what this look means. I hope I don’t have to see this look again this year!!!

The best example of this came the last time the Cowboys had a playoff Win. I remember them beating the Eagles handily in the Divisional playoff game. I remember Trent Dilfer specifically saying “these Cowboys are the best team in football right now!” (Just like many analysts are saying today). And I remember the Cowboys fold up and get embarrassed by the Minnesota Vikings the next week. I thought they’d make it a game. I thought that had momentum and had tested their stuff, and come out the other side. But it wasn’t the case.

Will that happen again? Or do these Cowboys really have what it takes? I can’t shake the last 15+ years of disappointment. My eyes tell me the meltdowns are over. But this sinking feeling in my gut that a meltdown is around the corner won’t go away.

Man, I hope I’m wrong…

because the feeling this Monday is so good. And I don’t want that to go away

2 thoughts on “The Closet Cowboys Fan: “Is it Safe to Come Out?”

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      I think he’s spot on. I can’t figure out why Dallas won’t use their other running backs more. Murray is obviously the best, but the others have shown they can be effective, too. Why run him into the ground like that?


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