To the Self-Proclaimed Facebook Police: Just stop

You know what’s really annoying? Blog posts complaining about things people post on Facebook. They just drive me nuts!

… *Whispers* “Does he know that statement is going to make this entire post very ironic?”

People’s posts on Facebook can get pretty annoying, I have to admit. It drives me crazy to have friends who post everything in their life, or pictures of food, or overly cryptic comments, or repost every last thing they come across so people will like them more often (This isn’t Pinterest, People!!!!) And I’ve complained as much as anyone about any of the above posts…

And because I don't like it, you shouldn't be allowed to post it!

And because I don’t like it, you shouldn’t be allowed to post it!

… but youknow what? I’m over it. There’s only one type of posts that I want to stop seeing on Facebook: The posts telling people what not to post. Because, 1. That’s stupid. and 2…. that’s stupid.

“Gosh, this guy can’t even come up with two reasons why not to have these posts. He must be some sort of idiot!”

People have been posting those fairly frequently. They look like this, and they all insist that there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media (side note, I love thought catalogue, and that particular article is very humerously written). Now, while this one doesn’t get stupid like many other articles I’ve read, and while I still kinda agree with most of them, I still say: stop

Now, articles like this, on the other hand, tackle issues that, yes, can be annoying, but it gets a little more absurd: “How dare you talk about the good things in your life! stop being so grateful and positive and gushy about the people who make your life good! Shut up and be miserable.”

… Really…?

sigh.. the moral dilemmas of Facebook...

sigh.. the moral dilemmas of Facebook…

One of the complaints in this article was one I ranted about. “Seriously. Why do parents post so many photos of their kids!? Who honestly cares!? Get over yourself!”

Then I had kids… and I started posted tons of stuff about them. And you know what? If you don’t like it, then unfollow or unfriend me! because I have lots of friends and family (specifically mom) who appreciates getting the cute photos and updates because she doesn’t get to be close to her grandkids all the time. And Facebook is the easiest way to share those photos/moments. So again I say, if you don’t like the picture of my child’s vomit all over my face (and yes, that is a real picture I have) then unfriend or unfollow.

Another one I always agreed with was the cryptic status and the whiny status (I,E, “This sucks so bad right now”)

Those were always my least favorite… JUST TELL ME WHAT SUCKS OR DON’T POST ANYTHING… But you know what? Even now I’m giving that person the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you’ve read articles like this one about how some people can become so engrossed in online media that they can become more lonely even though they’re constantly interacting. This same article argues against that idea as well, but lets run with that idea: Lets say someone is feeling lonely, whether it’s a result of social media or not. Maybe the cryptic status is manipulative, but maybe that person does actually need to know that there are people out there who care enough to ask what’s wrong!

I mean... maybe it's 'cause I've done this, but... cut some folks a break, maybe?

I mean… maybe it’s ’cause I’ve done this, but… cut some folks a break, maybe?

I know I’ve had moments in my life (in my case I think I was kinda just being melodramatic, but cut me some slack) where I wondered if anyone really cared whether I was around. I mean, nobody seems to notice that I’m not around, right?

Maybe the person who posts that status is feeling that way. Maybe they do genuinely need a friend, and while posting a cryptic status may be annoying, it feels less pathetic than saying. “I feel like I have no friends! Somebody please love me!”

“how do you know How it feels?”

You got me… I may have posted a few of those super cryptic status updates in my time… I’m not proud of it. But I haven’t done it in a long time, so get off my back.

We could go on and talk about numerous other annoying updates, but my point is simply that the most annoying type of Facebook update or post is one that insists, “there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media. BTW, MY WAY is the right way.”

Not only is that condescending, but you kinda suck as a friend. Maybe you should unfriend that person, because you clearly don’t like them that much anyway. Or, if you do like them, why don’t you unfollow them, so they can use Facebook the way they want, and you can keep using Facebook the way you want, and you can both go on being friends.


3 thoughts on “To the Self-Proclaimed Facebook Police: Just stop

  1. Lorra B.

    OMGOSH! LMBO! I know that it’s written with complete seriousness but I love your sarcasm…sounds much like myself. I find the same things seem to drive me crazy as well but, like you, there are far too many more pressing life matters than to become the FaceBook Natzi…. I mean, seriously, who really cares in the sceem of life? I agree, get over your bad selves and either ignor or unfollow or unfriend the folks that make you crazy! LOL… HAGD! 😊

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      Thanks again for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the post! Everyone is nuts about trying to tell others the right way to behave!

      Thanks for reblogging the post too! That was very nice of you!


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