Paul Is Dead: Irrefutable Proof That People Will Believe… Pretty Much Whatever They Want

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. I love hearing about people who, for no apparent reason, decide something is true, and then, for some other reason, decide they will spend the rest of their life proving something true… even when there is zero actual evidence to show their absurd theories are true.

This is where the best conspiracy theory ever began… sort of…

To be a conspiracy theorist, you must have some serious creativity, and some even more serious outside the box thinking… Of course, to assume your conspiracy is true… well… you’re pretty far outside the box already.

Such is the case with the old urban legend about Paul McCartney’s death in 1966. If you haven’t heard of this conspiracy theory… well first of all you obviously aren’t  a Beatles fan… and second, you’re not a very interesting person. Or maybe you just have things to do with your life…

I’ll give you the short, short version if you don’t already know the story. You can read more (oh believe me: there’s a lot more!) here or here. Or check this one out. in a nutshell, on a cold, gloomy morning, after arguing the group, Paul drove off in a huff, crashed his car, killed and mutilated himself beyond recognition, was replaced by a lookalike that also, somehow, miraculously, could also sing, write award-winning songs, crack jokes, and play the guitar left-handed just like Paul McCartney! I know! AMAZING, right!? Only the Beatles could be so lucky!

of course to make the story even more exciting conspiracy theorist from 1969 until now have spent hours analyzing song lyrics, scrutinizing album covers, and playing records backwards with the volume turned excruciatingly high, because the Beatles, much like the Freemasons or the Illuminati, didn’t want you to know the truth… unless of course you are clever enough to decipher them on their clever thinly veiled clues left on things as common as money and relics that probably won’t exist by the time someone smart enough to unlock the mysterious truth comes along.

If you’re curious about all the “clues” to Paul’s death you can feel free to check out the websites above. The first seems genuinely convinced that Paul’s death truly did happen and was covered up… Oh wait… they’re trying to get you to buy old recordings and things that provide additional evidence… But I’m sure there isn’t REALLY a conflict of interest there…

There are plenty of videos about it too. Many of them reference the radio shows that originally propagated the rumor in the late 60’s 70’s and 80’s (these are also pretty easy to find if you search “Paul is dead” on YouTube” If you are feeling gullible, well… maybe choose to keep watching your regular show.

This first one is my favorite. This narrator goes so far as to give us Paul’s exact thoughts as he died!

This one really turns on the drama

and don’t forget the tunes and their hidden messages! This one plays several in a row!

There are plenty more on YouTube and on the web. And even though the real Paul McCartney has released numerous albums, made successful collaboration with many other prominent artists, and given humorous interviews like this one…

… people are still convinced.

I’m still waiting for a lot of answers from the conspiracy theorists, though. For example, okay, even if you could convince me that it’s a look-alike… how did the Beatles manage to find a sing-alike, play-alike, -write-music-alike to replace Paul? oh… and the fact the “Faul,” as some theorist affectionately refer to him, plays the guitar/bass left-handed? NOBODY plays guitar left-handed! Man those Beatles sure were a lucky bunch…

So needless to say, I think the theory is nonsense. But just like with other theories, boy is it fun to watch and appreciate the time people have spent picking apart album covers, lyrics, songs, backward songs, and plenty of other nonsense. This theory would make for such a great movie.

So dive in. Enjoy the silliness of the conspiracy. But remember, just like he reminded us in 1993, Paul is Live!

And he still has quite a sense of humor about the whole issue!

Also, remember that the only thing these guys will prove is that people will believe pretty much whatever they want to believe.

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