Politics, Family, and Complete Confusion

I’ve done a great job of not posting political things in places where I might offend or upset friends or family (I have this wonderful blog to thank for that). Occasionally I might comment on someone else’s post, but I try to keep my opinions to myself (because when has a Facebook discussion about politics or social issues ever yielded a positive result).

good news for a change?

The other day though, I came across this article that I felt I needed to share. See, I get so tired of negative media ragging on people and politicians. And while I’m not exactly pleased with any branch of our federal government, I do think that, while we should strive to hold our leaders accountable when they do stupid things, I also thing we should acknowledge when they do good things.

Now, I’m not going to get into the specifics of this article, which lists 14 facts about the Obama Presidency, and I don’t think that Obama necessarily deserves praise for each one of these facts. But I do think that he has done some positive things, and those things should be acknowledged.

these facts include the reality that our country has seen 63 straight months of economic expansion and seen record highs in stock market growth. That’s pretty positive news to me. Even if those numbers are inflated a bit, (and I don’t think they are) you have to admit: The economy and the country is handling far better then… pretty much every conservative pundit predicted (I remember pundits saying America would be gone by 2012… which obviously hasn’t happened… but you know, there are still two years, and if you search Obama destroy America on Google or YouTube, you know the long list of results you’ll receive).

To me, That’s good news. To me that says “you know, things aren’t perfect, they could always be better, but I think we’re in okay shape!”

So I shared the article, mostly because I am so sick of news outlets putting a negative spin on everything! And I think we need to acknowledge good news, even if it casts the guy we disagree with in a positive light!

I had a few responses from my friends who still support Obama, and I think all my friends who don’t stopped following my posts years ago (back when I posted my moderate views that weren’t extreme right enough for my extremely right-leaning friends) so I didn’t start any stupid Facebook debates.

But then my mom started texting me… and this is where I got confused. Not surprised… just confused.

See, to me, 63 months of job growth… that seems like a good thing… so does high stocks… I know my parents have their retirement in stocks… so… good thing, right? Wrong.

At this point this is how I started to feel

At this point this is how I started to feel

In the text conversation she started to say the article was lying, things aren’t good, Obama doesn’t deserve credit for anything, the bit about immigration is a complete lie, and very condescendingly concluded “well, we’ll all believe whatever we want to believe in the end.”

Now I need to explain this to give you context: My parents are not condescending people. They are two of the most caring, considerate people I know. They are constantly looking for ways to help others, love others more, and be more caring and understanding. As far as religious people go, they live theirs as well as anyone I know.

Which is why I was so baffled by their refusal (along with many other good conservatives I know) to accept that things aren’t as bad as we thought they would be, and in fact some things actually look okay at this point!

I’m also amazed that the sources that were quoted in the article were sources generally accepted and appreciated by conservatives! It’s amazing how much an organization is a good source of information and research… until that research contradicts my idea of the universe…

I basically said this to her, indicating that while I don’t know that the President deserves credit, this still seems like good news. I don’t know how it could be construed as anything else. I chose not to text her my next thought…

“… It has to be good news, right? unless of course… all you care about is proving that Obama is as evil and despicable as you think he is…”

guys… we’re six years into his Presidency… and… as far as I can tell, although I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s done, time has shown: he’s not out to destroy America. He’s not trying to ruin our lives. He hasn’t done everything right. But he certainly hasn’t done anything wrong.

But we'll sure try to alter it to fit our preconceptions!

But we’ll sure try to alter it to fit our preconceptions!

But my conclusion is that the media doesn’t care about that. And the media has successfully convinced good people that it’s better to hate the opposite party and treat them like the enemy. I’m thoroughly convinced that while politicians do have some blame, the media has the bulk of it. And it’s so bad that I don’t think yesterday’s election matters one bit. The divide will only get bigger, unless we can remember how to accept each other.

I don’t mean tolerate. I mean genuinely accept. Until we can learn to accept and listen to people who disagree with us, there’s no point. We need to accept and understand people with differing views on abortion, economy, education, gun control, immigration, etc. That doesn’t mean we have to agree. But we have to be able to talk about it and be willing to understand. And we can’t do that. Not even some of the most loving, understanding, good people out there. And so, even though the majority has once again shifted, I’m still confused… and I doubt the shift will actually cause anything to change. Not until we change, anyway


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