Contemplating Readers

Whenever I see I've received random hits, I can't help but wonder...

Whenever I see I’ve received random hits, I can’t help but wonder…

This blog has been around long enough, and I’ve written enough posts that someone, somewhere seems to stumble upon a post here and there. It’s always interesting to see when someone happens on one of my early posts (’cause I mean, lets face it: NOBODY read my early posts!). I always wonder who they are. Especially when they just stumble upon the post and quickly leave… I mean, when someone likes or follows the blog I can say, “Well that’s nice. Who are you? what are you all about?” Or at the very least I can say “What is your blog about.” In those cases I can get to know the people who stop by. This wasn’t something I expected when I started this whole blogging silliness, but it’s a fun way for me to feel connected to the random folks that have liked or followed the blog. And I can go back and say hi to them every now and again and see what interesting things they’ve been posting.

What about the people who don’t blog, though? What about folks who ran into my blog via search engine, or who saw it in the WordPress feed, read a little bit, and moved on? Who are those people? Why did they click in the first place? What did they think of my random personality and stupid thoughts?

What would I say to these people if they came by my blog? well… I’d probably say… “SUCKERS! I bet the title of the post looked WAAAAAAYYYY more interesting than the actual post! How much time did you waste on this nonsense!”

Then again… I DID just post about other stupid websites who do just that… and then pay Facebook and other websites to post it… so I might be lame… but at least I’m not spending money to manipulate readers into reading my silly thoughts (and no, me linking to another post is in no way an effort to manipulate you into sticking around and reading more of my thoughts. On that note, Don’t go read this post about how I’m not mad about anything in spite of my best efforts either. And definitely don’t go and read this post… too far? Okay, I’ll stop being deliberately dense, and go back to being accidentally dense)

Back to my original point of this post (’cause I never get sidetracked either) Who are you, people? Why did you come here? I wish I could install some weird software on my blog that made it so once you clicked an article it wouldn’t let you leave until you told at least 11 super interesting things about yourself and how you happened upon the catchy blog (and don’t worry. It may be catchy, but it isn’t contagious… YET!)

You know... the further I get into this post, the more ironic I realize it is, considering how reluctant I am to let you know more information about me!!!!

You know… the further I get into this post, the more ironic I realize it is, considering how reluctant I am to let you know more information about me!!!!

Well unfortunately there’s no way of knowing who stopped by today, or why they stopped by. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make up my own stories about my readers. For example, anyone who read any of my Star Wars posts from way back when, I’m going to imagine their intensely nerdy back-story that includes them intensely hating George Lucas as much as I do.

…”Dude… are you still trying to get me to read more of your posts, even though you’re giving me no information to help me deduce whether I’ll actually like your posts…?”


*Elmerfgantry has run away*


5 thoughts on “Contemplating Readers

  1. Lorra B.

    OMGOSH…That was great! I stopped by the first time because of your tone… ‘The Sarcastic Ironic’ is what I thought then, and still do! Just so happens that I LOVE that kind of silliness/expression… I come back for the same reason…LOVE it! 😊😊

    1. elmerfgantry Post author

      I’m glad you still like it and you keep coming by! Some times I worry that my ideas are too repetitive and I wonder if people get bored! Thanks again for re-blogging!

      1. Lorra B.

        People NEVER get bored when it comes to things that bother them or need to ‘complain’ about…it gets their blood pumping. So, keep it up my friend! 🙂

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