Super Poll: What Will the Controversy Be?

It seems to be the most irrefutable fact: In Playoff NFL football, you can’t make it through a week of games without some stupid controversy overshadowing the great plays and athleticism. In the first round a terrible call changed the course of the Lions-Cowboys game. In the second week a catch that everyone could see was actually a catch was ruled an incompletion based on one of the stupidest technicalities in the NFL rule book, ultimately leading to some douchebag Cowboys fan to attempt to sue the NFL for 88 billion dollars. No. Really….  And last week, we may have been dealt the most absurd controversy of all: Tom Brady’s balls, AKA deflate-gate. Fortunately this most recent scandal was ripe for 5th grade potty style puns!

So obviously we can’t just watch the NFL playoffs and enjoy good, fair competition. There has to be a controversy to you: so my questions is: what do you think the controversy in the final week of the 2014-2015 season will be?

Here are some possible controversies I think could happen in the Super Bowl

1. Richard Sherman will get a little too excited and do a little trash talking that everyone will blow way out of proportion.

2. Tom  Brady will obviously fumble a football but it will be reviewed and, because it’s the Patriots and they get away with stuff, it will be ruled an incomplete pass.

3. Someone on the Patriots will start a fight, but for some reason no one can understand, the Seahawks will get flagged.

4. will air a Super Bowl commercial that will make everyone wonder how on earth.

5. Katy Perry will have an awful lipsync gaffe, infuriating all the fan girls who tuned in just to watch the half time show

6. either team will win by 30 points, leading to more allegations of cheating, as well as advertisers complaining that no one watched their fourth quarter ads.

What do you think? Any of these seem plausible? What scandal do you think the Super Bowl has in store for us? I just hope it makes for an easy meme!

’nuff said…


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