Should I Change My Blog’s Name to “The Lazy Blog?”

I mean seriously. February was my last post! and I think the post before that was several months before! I promise I haven’t abandoned my 11 followers (who, for all I know, are also lazy bloggers who have abandoned their blogs as well since my last post). I mean, I’ve had good excuses for not posting (I’ve been busy… like… really busy) but they aren’t the best, especially if you consider that Netflix still gets PLENTY of use (I mean, I know I’m pathetic, but I just really wanted to catch up on my “Supernatural” and re-watch “Heroes” in preparation for the new spinoff series coming soon (get pumped for the most recent announcement about the show! But I’ve also had lots of good post ideas go out the window. but it feels sooooo goooooooooood!

Another reason I haven’t posted is because I’m probably a bit too nitpicky. I’ll think of a post that sounds like a good idea, and then I’ll overthink it and say, “Nah. It’ll never work” (It’s as if I’m capable of actually creating quality content: That’s a laugh!)

Now you might say “well good for you for not forcing us to read whatever drivel you’ve concocted in your pathetic little brain. That makes you better than all the other bad bloggers out there!”

But to that I say… well gosh I have nothing to say…

Except that someone, somewhere, keeps coming to my blog…

Every now and then, even when I’m not writing, I like to check in to see if anyone has written anything exciting, or to see if I have some new notifications, and always, to my surprise, I still get a reasonable amount of folks coming by (and even an occasional share! Thanks to Amanda’s blog for sharing my stuff)

And of course, that makes me think “Well, maybe I should make more of an effort; Clearly, even though I may not be the best blogger in the world, I must not be the worst… either that or some people has an appetite for truly wretched writing…” but honestly… who has time for that?

I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to rant and rave! But, life has been good. I mean, lets face it! this is the first time (after years of school and a few degrees to go along with it) that I’ve actually had a full time job! couple that with family, kids, moving, politics, sports, entertainment, stupid, and everything else that has gone on in the world, you would think I’d find something to write about!  Just… One… More… Episode…

But no… here I am… watching “Heroes” episodes (man that first season is amazing!) in the free time I have… so in the word of this guy…

…Because… at least for today, I have nothing else to say.


One thought on “Should I Change My Blog’s Name to “The Lazy Blog?”

  1. tikenmoose

    You’re welcome! And maybe I should title a “lazy” post, because I didn’t even realize you posted that comment until now. Because, you know, I’m lazy. 😉


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