Random Thoughts VI

I don’t know what is happening in this picture… but it is certainly random!

It’s been waaayyyyyyy too long since I’ve posted some random thoughts around here. I couldn’t wait any longer. In honor of it being the first in forever, here is a special edition of random thoughts, where in actuality I am going to include a couple facts about myself to create a somewhat less random section of thoughts.

1. I’m perilously in my late 20s… 30 is sooo terrifyingly close.

2. I’ve seen every episode of Girl Meets World so far

3. Combine quotes 1 and 2. Re-read a couple times. Cue confused looks.

4. I also think that the first two Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Movies are infinitely better than the two new ones… but Emma Stone is times infinity better than Kirsten Dunst.

5. that’s right. I said times infinity.

There you have it… 5 facts!

“Wait… those are your fact’s? Those are lame!!! I can’t believe I clicked this!”

Well, yeah, I kinda rushed this… this is more of my own experiment because my site has been acting up. Thanks for participating in my grand experiment!


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