I’m not a fan of Sack Snyder. I remember when I saw the trailer for “Watchmen” It looked so unique. It looked completely different from the other superhero films of the time. And, since it came out before we became completely saturated in comic book films, I thought it would be so cool.

Check out my game face! I’ll keep it on all movie! Literally! No other facial expressions to speak of!

When I saw the film for the first time, I was pretty disappointed. I mean, the visual style is neat and very unique. the blue guy was pretty cool for the time. I liked the idea of having a more cynical superhero movie… but in the end I was bored…. the movie was flatter than that cup of Mountain Dew I left in my car the other day (don’t ask). I really wanted to like it… but I just couldn’t

When “Man of Steel” was released, I was excited. I was disappointed the last Superman movie didn’t revitalize the franchise like it was supposed to. Of course, that one was just paying homage to the old Superman movies, and didn’t really break any new ground, so the look of the newer “Snyder-ized” (Yup. it’s a word. Look it up.) Superman was exciting and intriguing. Just like “Watchmen.” And just like “Watchmen,” “M.o.S” was flat. It was like, Snyder took Superman from the old movies, added a dash of Christopher Nolan…. and then added 16 pounds of Christopher Nolan.

when B.V.S. came out. I was wise to Snyder’s game. I was still hopeful. The idea of Batman and Superman going at it sounded like a fantastic one. I didn’t mind the casting choice of Ben Affleck (unlike… you know… everyone else). So I hoped that maybe Snyder would get it right this time. But once again. Flat. One note. The entire movie script was like:

Bruce: I’m brooding ’cause I’m Batman and my parents died

Clark: I’m more broodier than you! Watch me scowl! I’m trying to fit in in this world!!!!

Bruce: No one can brood more than me. I kill people now.

Clark: Just because you wear black doesn’t mean I can’t be broodier! Besides, I even ditched the red underwear on the outside! Shows you how serious and brooding I am!

Bruce: Darkness! Die alien freak!


Because we wouldn’t want Superman to have an ounce of optimism!

Here’s the thing.

I get that DC is a different beast than Marvel. In a way, Snyder is a perfect fit, because DC and Sack both want to tell a different story. Clearly Snyder wants to have more depth of characters. Clearly DC wants to play more with ideas of morality than does Marvel. But, rather than creating real depth, he’s so far only created characters that scowl, brood and rage throughout every movie. there’s not an ounce of humor, and beyond the emo feeling, there’s not really much depth. Giving us more of both Superman and Batman’s story lines didn’t do much to make them more relatable (Unlike Nolan’s “Batman Begins.” Come on, Snyder… this guy showed you how to make a DC movie work, and not just be monotone!

Ben Affleck after his time at the “Kristen Stewart School of Theater

Look. I love Marvel. Their movies are fun, fast, full of humor, and family friendly. This blend made Marvel perfect for the Disney company. But it’s high time we had a different kind of Superhero movie. While I loved the latest from the Avengers, I couldn’t help but be disappointed with the ending. It felt so anticlimactic to have the conflict between Tony Stark and Captain America build and build and build, and then at the end, Cap is like “sorry for punchin’ ya Tony. Lets take a little time off.

Wouldn’t it have been epic if Tony Stark had died? Let’s face it. You’re tired of Iron Man being the focal point of all these movies. Even in this movie that was titled “Captain America,” Iron man had equal importance and focus, if not even a little bit more. Having that end with a dramatic death scene that sends the Avengers in a totally new direction. But no. In the end, Captain had to be the all time good guy. Because that’s what (Most) Marvel characters do in the end.

I hope you see what I’m getting at. Enter Justice League, a movie with the potential to be the tonal yang to Marvel’s yin. The minor key to Marvels major. But, despite the generally unpopular Superman movies, Warner is letting Snyder take another crack at it. Which has be scared. Has Snyder figured out that to do a darker movie, it takes more than just protagonists Scowling at antagonists? I was very apprehensive about it. And I couldn’t figure out what they were thinking letting him do another one…

… but then this happened

Like the “Suicide Squad” trailers, this one implies a few things will be present, that we haven’t seen in his movies:

the first is characters that show a bit of variety. Barry Allen as The flash is the best example in this trailer, but even Affleck’s Batman appears to have some actual personality written into his character this time around. Unlike the last effort, the characters look interesting.

the second is humor. I mean, I get that you want to tell a dark story Snyder, but would it kill you to let a character smile once in a blue moon? It would seem that there might be a bit of lightheartedness to offset the darker tone, which would be a wonderful blessing if it turns out to be the case. Remember, Zack, you don’t have to go full on Marvel with the humor. Just add a little here and there to remind us that are characters are real humans and not that weird goth kid I knew in eighth grade.

The third is pace. And I know, in a trailer, it has to move quickly, but it just gives a feel of more “plot action” (also totally a phrase. Look it up). I mean, seriously… didn’t it feel like M.o.S. and B.V.S just dragged on foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever?

*Kinda like this post*

Okay, okay, okay. I’ll wrap it up. The point is, while you can’t take too much from a trailer, this one renews my hope that possibly… just possibly, we’ll finally get a non-Nolan DC movie that actually rivals and gives us a tonal counterpart to Marvel’s movies. Mostly though, I just hope I finally walk out of a Sack Snyder superhero film and think, “I’m glad I watched that!”


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