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Contemplating Readers

Whenever I see I've received random hits, I can't help but wonder...

Whenever I see I’ve received random hits, I can’t help but wonder…

This blog has been around long enough, and I’ve written enough posts that someone, somewhere seems to stumble upon a post here and there. It’s always interesting to see when someone happens on one of my early posts (’cause I mean, lets face it: NOBODY read my early posts!). I always wonder who they are. Especially when they just stumble upon the post and quickly leave… I mean, when someone likes or follows the blog I can say, “Well that’s nice. Who are you? what are you all about?” Or at the very least I can say “What is your blog about.” In those cases I can get to know the people who stop by. This wasn’t something I expected when I started this whole blogging silliness, but it’s a fun way for me to feel connected to the random folks that have liked or followed the blog. And I can go back and say hi to them every now and again and see what interesting things they’ve been posting. Continue reading


Trying (and Failing) to Have Something to Be Mad About

Today I told myself, “Sir! You are going to write a blog post! And you are going to get angry! It doesn’t matter what the subject of the post is! You’re going to be mad about it!”

Now, I know that is a little absurd, but the other day I actually had something that I wanted to write an angry rant about… but I didn’t get online that day… and I forgot what that post was about… but I was left with a sense that “I need to rant about something, because that’s what I would’ve done the other day… What was it that I wanted to rant about!?”

I was sure I could come up with it. I mean, there are global/international crises like Ebola constantly worrying people, along with terrorists, and there are inept politicians who can’t seem to do anything about… anything. There are local issues where I live. There are stupid people at work who say and do things that are certainly worthy of a rant… I could talk about any of those things… I’m sure whatever I was “ranty” about is somewhere in that list…

but I couldn’t remember… not even a little bit…

I mean... seriously though...

I mean… seriously though…

because you know what? Life is good. Yes, there are terrorists and terrible people out there. Yes, there are government types that seem to be awful at their jobs. Yes, there are diseases and issues that we can’t control. But you know what? Life is good! And today, for all I’ve tried to find something to be mad about, I just can’t do it! I have good people in my life! I have a job I love, and while it doesn’t pay a ton, it pays enough (barely). and while there are a few stupid people at work, I still very much enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy going to work in the morning. and though I’m not old, it still feels like I’ve had years and years where that wasn’t the case.

... Nope. I'm not even mad about that. In fact...  I liked the ending to "Lost" in a weird way...

… Nope. I’m not even mad about that. In fact… I liked the ending to “Lost” in a weird way…

I also enjoy coming home at night to a family after a satisfying day at work. I have a good home and a good family. Almost every day is a good day. Life isn’t perfect, and maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out what in the world it was I wanted to complain about and get fired up for! But for today… I just can’t do  it. It’s Saturday. And I’m in a good mood…

Maybe that’s the reason I can’t get mad… I got to sleep in this morning…. either way… today, life is way too good to be mad!

Follows in the Triple Digits!!!!


You all make my day!!!

You all make my day!!!

The Catchy Blog has surpassed triple digits! I know, I know, all you bloggers out there with thousands of followers are all like “Oh, look at the cute little blogger. He’s excited about 100 follows. Well you know what? You’re stuck up! And I appreciate that each one of the followers that took the time to come around and check out the shenanigans I post on this silly little page! Thanks to everyone who clicked the follow button (and the 3 whole people that liked me on Facebook… I gotta get control of this social media thing ;). Continue reading

A Blogger’s Quandry: to Post or Not to Post!

I’ve had three basic experiences writing blogs so far. Experience number one goes something like this: “This post is great! I can’t wait to get this online! Maybe it will even get noticed and Freshly Pressed or something! I feel like this is pretty brilliant!” That hasn’t happened often to me yet, but the rare occasions it does it gets me super excited (And subsequently super depressed when it doesn’t get read by more than two people)

Don't tell me that! I want to believe people like what I write!!!!

Don’t tell me that! I want to believe people like what I write!!!!

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Well, believe it or not, I’ve reached my 50th post on the Catchy Blog! It’s been something of a long road with about 6 months or so of actual blogging (over a year if you’re counting real-time. I already almost let the blog die once. It was serious stuff up here) but I have to say I’ve learned at least a few things so far. some of them are significant. Others are pretty inconsequential. All have shaped the development of how I write, style, and publicize my little blog. Of the many things I’ve learned, here are 5 of the most important.

Like Butt Fumbler here, I've had a lot to learn about my trade. Hopefully things are going better for me than they are for him

Like Butt Fumbler here, I’ve had a lot to learn about my trade. Hopefully things are going better for me than they are for him

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Liebster… Exciting Award? What’s the Prize? I’ll Bite.

So I got contacted by this great blog nominating me for this Liebster award thingy. “What’s the potential award for said award?” was the first thing I said. Well it would seem there’s no such thing as an actual Liebster “award”, it’s just a neat idea someone came up with to connect the blogger community. The idea is that you go ahead and nominated blogs you like or you feel resonate particularly well. You’re looking for new(er) blogs with under 200 (… I’m gonna say… 200… ish) followers. Normally I don’t do stuff like this, because I have always detested chain mail type things, (Which is kinda what this amounts to, but at least it’s not saying “re-post this to 20 people’s sites/email it to 50 people or a frightening ghost person I made up will eat your face and post it to Youtube for your family to see,” or some nonsense.

I feel I should participate in this one though, if for no other reason than to voice my appreciation to http://nocrybabies.net/ for giving me a nomination. It is nice to know that my still relatively young and quite unknown blog is still appreciated.

Getting nominated for any award, real or fake, just makes me so happy I could... just... this...

Getting nominated for any award, real or fake, just makes me so happy I could… just… this…

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New Ways to Connect With the Catchy Blog!!!

The grand experiment continues! As I continue to post new rants and random ideas, I’m now branching out, just to see what I can do! As I get ever closer to 100 followers (will it ever happen? We’ll never know. I guess I’ll just have to keep writing to find out! at any rate there are new ways to connect to the catchy blog! first off, there is a new email address exclusive to the blog! If you want to bug me, now you can do it publicly, by commenting on my posts, or you can do it privately, by emailing thecatchyblog@gmail.com. That’s right! I’m on GMAIL! woot!

Also, the Catchy Blog has a BRAND NEEEEWWWW FACEBOOK PAGE! (Boy it’s time’s like this I wish I had a fancy deep used-car-salesman voice!) You can now like the Catchy blog on Facebook to get blog updates there! Better yet, You can visit the page by clicking here!

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Why I Suck at Blogging; Creating a Successful “Catchy Blog”

It’s no surprise I suck at Blogging. My blog stinks. It’s awful. Terrible. Horrendous. Painful. Unpardonable. I knew I wasn’t a great blogger, but it wasn’t until I Monty Pythoned myself in the last post that I realized just what an awful blogger I am. See, as with many other posts, I put a little list together. My lists tend to come in fives. No particular reason, other than five seems like a good clean number for a short list. at any rate, like King Arthur, I forgot that in order to count to five, you have to get 3 and 4 first. Thus, I posted a list that counted five things, but I omitted the number 4. I can’t even count to 5 the right way!!!!! (In my defense, I was counting backward from 5. it’s… um… a lot harder that way…???) (don’t worry. I fixed it. It’s all correctly counted and stuff now)

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