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A Fortunate Victim of Circumstance

The other day on Facebook, One of my Facebook Acquaintances shared a graphic that IĀ found rather odd: It’s sentiment that is common, but in my opinion, misguided. Nevertheless it’s a common idea in society today.


This idea is reflected in many other similar comments. Things we’ve probably heard, like “I’m here because I worked hard!” or “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. If I can do it, so can anyone.” the general idea of all of these statements is: Work hard, make good decisions, and you can be successful! Make poor decisions and you will fail!

While I agree with those ideas at face value, I think these statements are dismissive of how much impact circumstance can have on success. With that in mind, I would like to just suggest a few ways that circumstances have led me to the point in my life that I’m at now. Continue reading


Time to Stop Talking About Understanding and Compassion, and Actually Practice Some.

So I’ve been on the fence about whether I should write about the tragedy in California from a couple weeks back. I usually try and stay out of these conversations, but some interactions I had caused many opinionated people got me thinking way too much about it not to write something.

I couldn’t figure out what this post should be though. Should it be about gun control? no… Plenty of people write about that… Mental health issues… misogyny? Well… Plenty of interesting stuff has been written. But I think there is a deeper (and possibly a simpler issue that should be discussed.) We continue to have incidents like these through our country and everyone’s actions seem to repeat like a broken record. Every time we have a new shooting it’s like everyone pulls out their cue cards and repeats the same rehearsed dialogue they’ve had since the last shooting. And then we go through the same process again. Nothing ever changes. When the next tragedy happens, we’ll pull out our cue cards and repeat the same cycle of finger-pointing, accusing, mourning, and ultimately doing nothing to actually help anyone feel better or prevent further incidents from occurring. But maybe the way we can change is simpler than gun control itself. Maybe if we learned to show and feel genuine compassion for the people hurt and killed, and true compassion for everyone else, it might help us find a solution that would be more universal than just gun control, or just mental health, or anything like that.

This is kinda where I'm going with this. but I think there's more to it than this.

This is kinda where I’m going with this. but I think there’s more to it than this.

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Christianity is on the Decline? Blame the “ChrEaster” Crowd.

It seems like some Christian folks can’t stop talking about how Christianity is losing its foothold in the U.S. (different articles give you different numbers, but for whatever reason, it’s on something of a decline) They’re quick to blame various culprits for the issues: Maybe it’s Sciences fault, some say. Or atheists. (They sure are an unsavory bunch) Or maybe they blame other religions (I hear Muslims make great scapegoats in the 21st century) or homosexuals (what with they’re secret plans to destroy families, then take over the world, and make everyone dress more appropriately) while still others blame democrats (because God is a republican after all, and will only support a nation with a free market economy and no welfare checks). Yes there seem to be endless ways to blame others for our problems. You can’t attribute the decline in self proclaimed Christians to any one thing, but I’m going to place a significant portion of the blame on one group. And their right inside the doors of the Christian churches… Well… sort of…

I’m not for the whole guilt the worshiper thing. but seriously. Church has got a point. When you can only give 2 hours a year? That’s some kind of lazy….

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Parent’s Should have always feared Disney’s Hidden Messages to Kids

Quite the hubbub has been made of late about a blog accusing the mega successful Disney hit “Frozen of peddling the “Homosexual agenda.” It’s a strange post to be sure, and naturally there have been a lot of opinions about it. Some think she’s crazy for suggesting Frozen has any hidden messages, and some maybe even think she’s right, but don’t see any problem with Disney sending that underlying message. For my part I had a very different reaction than othersĀ  to the blog. My question to Mrs. Katherine Skaggs is, what took you so long to figure it out? Disney has sent subliminal and not so subliminal messages to kids for years. For decades they have been subtly sending kids subversive ideas in the guise of “wholesome family entertainment.” Don’t believe me? well pull your head out of the sands, people. ‘Cause here are 6 lessons Parents apparently never realized were taught in those clever cartoons.

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State of the Union Address Aftermath, Minimum wage, and Why I Feel Depressed.

So… the other day that one Obama guy spoke about stuff. No big deal. Nobody really cared. Not based on my social media feeds. oh… except for everyone that wanted to remind the world that he’s a terrible, evil individual, that he’s harming the nation, that he wants to destroy America, Etc. well, at least nobody pulled out an Obama=Hitler reference. I guess I can look at that as a plus.

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Maintaining Cautious Optimism Toward Obamacare

Sigh… Obamacare…. I didn’t want to talk about it. But an interesting post popped up. You may have read it if you keep up with your “Freshly Pressed.” If you didn’t, you can check it out here. It was a very interesting read, detailing the duties of an enrollment specialist. Just read the blog, as it explains everything much better than I could. It offers an interesting spin on the whole “Affordable care act, and if you scroll into the comments you can find some other “Obamacare success stories!” HOORAY!!!! I applaud this writers hard work, and I’m glad it yields positive results for those that have had the privilege of an effective…. assister… or… helper… I’m still not entirely sure what to call her position. But It’s good to read some success stories anyway.

This is how I've felt about Obamacare for awhile. Maybe there's a chance I don't have to feel this way?

This is how I’ve felt about Obamacare for awhile. Maybe there’s a chance I don’t have to feel this way?

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Stuck in the Middle of Every Dispute

I’m trying to make a New Years resolution regarding Facebook and handling heated Facebook threads about controversial topics. trouble is, I’m not sure what resolution I should make, Whether it be to try harder to avoid them, or go out of my way to involve myself more in them. My dilemma comes from the fact that I would make a terrible politician. I would lose every debate. I imagine I’d be labeled as a flip-flopper, or as one who lacks convictions. The reason is that in every discussion eventually appear to defend every possible point of view, which has a bizarre effect. Continue reading