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The 2016 Election Challenge I Really Hope You’ll Take!

So this questionnaire crossed my news feed today. And what with the presidential elections being soooooo close, I thought I’d see which candidate seemed most appropriate for me. I was really surprised to see who my candidate was. the last person I thought I would agree with most would be old Bernie Sanders!

Yup! I know, that’s exactly what you thought!

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Can Documentaries Like Netflix’s Mitt Help Us Solve Our Political Woes?

A few months back Netflix released a documentary about the two Presidential campaigns of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The film wasn’t anything elaborate. There was no narrator, No real interviews or discussion. It is simply a look behind the scenes look with Romney and his family. In its simplicity we see a man who is not perfect. We see the ups and downs of the campaigns. We see some of the mistakes made and the consequences of those mistakes. Mostly though, we see a sincere person who, political views aside, sincerely wanted to help the country as best he could. It wasn’t about money or power. It was about doing something he thought was important, and something he thought was right. And it was a great way to humanize an individual who had been misunderstood and demonized by many through his campaign for a number of reasons. 12182013_mitt8201_s220x304

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U.S. Government antics, and How We Should React

So this post was supposed to occur during all that Government shutdown nonsense. I drafted it awhile ago, and I never finished writing it. I figured I would still edit and finish it, because even though our “Loyal” public servants are back at the office and the govt. is running (sort of) my thoughts still feel relevant: So here is my late response to Government stupidity

I said it over and over again: I’m not going to write about the shutdown. I’m just not going to do it! I just won’t! I just didn’t want to talk about it, because it seems everyone already has an opinion about this thing, and nobody (I’m serious: literally NOBODY) is interested in considering the other side’s version of the story. It’s so tiring watching people angrily butt heads together in a futile attempt to get everyone else to see their point of view. So I vowed to stay out. Until I couldn’t. Because some irritating, inexplicable force told me that my opinion would matter to someone… So here I am. Breaking another vow. I should be ashamed. Continue reading