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Politics, Family, and Complete Confusion

I’ve done a great job of not posting political things in places where I might offend or upset friends or family (I have this wonderful blog to thank for that). Occasionally I might comment on someone else’s post, but I try to keep my opinions to myself (because when has a Facebook discussion about politics or social issues ever yielded a positive result).

good news for a change?

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Re-Re-Defining the Word “Indoctrination”

So I’m a member of a few “religious” groups on Facebook. I say “religious” with the quotes and all because they do like talking about religion, and some of the discussions are very interesting, but sometimes I have to wonder what I’m doing on the groups, because some of the members are so jaded towards anyone who chooses a religious lifestyle that it throws me off… wayyyyy off… like… I’m falling over off. And while I do enjoy the discussions that often arise, there are many times where I’m just like “I really don’t get you people.

I just needed a feature image for the post, guys. I'm not trying to say anything about public education...

I just needed a feature image for the post, guys. I’m not trying to say anything about public education…

One good example of this is when anyone says something to the effect of “I’m not going to be like the parents who indoctrinate their children to believe in such and such. That would be wrong.” Whenever something like that is said, it often comes off in very condescending fashion, as if to say “I’m a better parents than those religious lemmings, feeding their kids the party line.” And that drives me nuts. Which is why I want to talk about Indoctrination today.

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Parent’s Should have always feared Disney’s Hidden Messages to Kids

Quite the hubbub has been made of late about a blog accusing the mega successful Disney hit “Frozen of peddling the “Homosexual agenda.” It’s a strange post to be sure, and naturally there have been a lot of opinions about it. Some think she’s crazy for suggesting Frozen has any hidden messages, and some maybe even think she’s right, but don’t see any problem with Disney sending that underlying message. For my part I had a very different reaction than othersĀ  to the blog. My question to Mrs. Katherine Skaggs is, what took you so long to figure it out? Disney has sent subliminal and not so subliminal messages to kids for years. For decades they have been subtly sending kids subversive ideas in the guise of “wholesome family entertainment.” Don’t believe me? well pull your head out of the sands, people. ‘Cause here are 6 lessons Parents apparently never realized were taught in those clever cartoons.

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One Observation on Teens and “Stupid”

So I thought about following the fold and writing a snarky post about government shutdown, but then I thought it would be more interesting to write about a much more mature demographic today. That’s right, we’re talking about teens!

Through various endeavors (mostly of the Church/music variety) I’ve had the opportunity to encourage teens to be more involved with this or that. I find it to be completely confusing and often have no idea what to make of these unusual organisms. However. I think I may have made an interesting discovery on the subject.

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