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I can Fix Education! Here’s How!

pexels-photo-256541.jpegSometimes I think I should’ve gone into politics… I mean… I have a lot of good ideas… I have a lot more stupid ideas, but so do plenty of politicians (remember the sex with ducks guy?). I like to think my good ideas could outweigh my bad ideas. Of course I went into the wrong profession to be a politician (people only want lawyers or a super rich arrogant out of touch with the common man businessmen to govern them) but I think that if I somehow could get elected, I have a really good, really simple idea of how to fix education!

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Can We Fix the National Anthem Performance?

When did the United States national anthem become more about the performer and not the song? When did it become more about “How many notes can I add” and not about “what is this song actually about?”

Tonight at the NBA finals another upstart young singer belted the national anthem, hoping to garner as many hoots and hollers as she possibly could for her elaborate and virtuosic singing. (and I’ll admit, for a ten year old, the girl sounds like she will grow up to have an impressive voice) And to be honest, if those were her goals, then fantastic. The audience cheered (but let’s be honest. Even if she had botched it, cried, needed to start over, the crowd would’ve been supportive; The national anthem is the one time in sporting events that everyone turns into actual good people) Continue reading

Paul Is Dead: Irrefutable Proof That People Will Believe… Pretty Much Whatever They Want

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. I love hearing about people who, for no apparent reason, decide something is true, and then, for some other reason, decide they will spend the rest of their life proving something true… even when there is zero actual evidence to show their absurd theories are true.

This is where the best conspiracy theory ever began… sort of…

To be a conspiracy theorist, you must have some serious creativity, and some even more serious outside the box thinking… Of course, to assume your conspiracy is true… well… you’re pretty far outside the box already. Continue reading

Random Thoughts 3

Here’s another round of random for your day:

1.The biggest sign you might be a jerk is when you see someone well in front of you signal that they’re changing lanes and you speed up to keep them from moving over.

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How Katy Perry’s Music Makes us Stupid!

I’ve already mentioned this on my blog, but I thought I’d better explain myself to all those rabid Perry fans out there. I have a strange conspiracy theory about Katy Perry’s music, and how it is somehow tailored to make us stupid. I don’t know how. I only know it does (she isn’t alone. The process I’m about to describe applies to many pop artists, but the force of her music seems especially potent. So Ms. Perry… I apologize. You get to be the scapegoat).

Me? Conspiracy? Look at me! I'm way too innocent and Pretty for that!

Me? Conspiracy? Look at me! I’m way too innocent and Pretty for that!

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