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Can We Fix the National Anthem Performance?

When did the United States national anthem become more about the performer and not the song? When did it become more about “How many notes can I add” and not about “what is this song actually about?”

Tonight at the NBA finals another upstart young singer belted the national anthem, hoping to garner as many hoots and hollers as she possibly could for her elaborate and virtuosic singing. (and I’ll admit, for a ten year old, the girl sounds like she will grow up to have an impressive voice) And to be honest, if those were her goals, then fantastic. The audience cheered (but let’s be honest. Even if she had botched it, cried, needed to start over, the crowd would’ve been supportive; The national anthem is the one time in sporting events that everyone turns into actual good people) Continue reading


My Apology to LeBron

Just a quick follow up to my post from the other night. After game six of the NBA finals I criticized one Lebron James for not stepping up enough and having to get bailed out. (Because, you know, I knew that he would read my wordpress.com blog. I know Chris Bosh does. ’cause my wife thinks he looks like a velociraptor, but that’s beside the point). I feel that, after Game 7 and a Heat win, I owe Lebron a short apology (again because I know he’ll read this) Continue reading

Lebron’s Still in the Conversation?

Let’s talk about sports. Because if you aren’t an NBA fan, you missed out on some quality entertainment tonight.

The Spurs are better than the Heat. Hands down. They have a better coach. They play better team basketball. Their star players know when to step up and when it’s better to let someone else shine. They have better balance. They have better role players. And they have a far better coach. But the Heat have the best player in the series. Or at least… the guy who’s supposed to be the best player in the series. The Heat need him to play like the best player if they want to win it all. Yet, at the end of an unbelievable game six, I’m left to wonder: Did the Heat win because of Lebron, or in spite of him? Continue reading