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Politics, Family, and Complete Confusion

I’ve done a great job of not posting political things in places where I might offend or upset friends or family (I have this wonderful blog to thank for that). Occasionally I might comment on someone else’s post, but I try to keep my opinions to myself (because when has a Facebook discussion about politics or social issues ever yielded a positive result).

good news for a change?

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State of the Union Address Aftermath, Minimum wage, and Why I Feel Depressed.

So… the other day that one Obama guy spoke about stuff. No big deal. Nobody really cared. Not based on my social media feeds. oh… except for everyone that wanted to remind the world that he’s a terrible, evil individual, that he’s harming the nation, that he wants to destroy America, Etc. well, at least nobody pulled out an Obama=Hitler reference. I guess I can look at that as a plus.

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