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Politics, Family, and Complete Confusion

I’ve done a great job of not posting political things in places where I might offend or upset friends or family (I have this wonderful blog to thank for that). Occasionally I might comment on someone else’s post, but I try to keep my opinions to myself (because when has a Facebook discussion about politics or social issues ever yielded a positive result).

good news for a change?

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To the Self-Proclaimed Facebook Police: Just stop

You know what’s really annoying? Blog posts complaining about things people post on Facebook. They just drive me nuts!

… *Whispers* “Does he know that statement is going to make this entire post very ironic?”

People’s posts on Facebook can get pretty annoying, I have to admit. It drives me crazy to have friends who post everything in their life, or pictures of food, or overly cryptic comments, or repost every last thing they come across so people will like them more often (This isn’t Pinterest, People!!!!) And I’ve complained as much as anyone about any of the above posts…

And because I don't like it, you shouldn't be allowed to post it!

And because I don’t like it, you shouldn’t be allowed to post it!

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Share This Post: You Won’t Save the World, But You Will Be More Cynical!

Okay Facebook…. Just stop it. All you social media sites… Just stop it. Right now. No more. Stop all of it this instant.¬†¬†Please? I’m talking about posts like this one here:

Oh... okay.. didn't know God cared so much about Facebook...

Oh… okay.. didn’t know God cared so much about Facebook…

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A Word to Activists: Whenever Possible, Please Try and Stay Out of Your Own Way.

Activism is a funny thing here in the good old U.S. of A. We just love our freedom of speech in this country. And we love using our freedom of speech to stand for something! And we come up with lots of things to stand for, whether it is gay rights, gun rights, women’s rights, kids rights, race rights, poor people’s rights, rich people’s rights, animal rights, video game rights… you get the point. We like to talk about rights. And depending on the subject, we definitely like to paint signs with colorful, witty slogans, stand outside buildings and talk (or scream) about our rights, and while it is a very odd or abstract way to be heard in theory, it can really be quite effective if it is done right. However, we’re not here to talk about how people do it right. We’re here to talk about how people do it…. maybe… how should I put it…. um…. not so right? Continue reading