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Can We Fix the National Anthem Performance?

When did the United States national anthem become more about the performer and not the song? When did it become more about “How many notes can I add” and not about “what is this song actually about?”

Tonight at the NBA finals another upstart young singer belted the national anthem, hoping to garner as many hoots and hollers as she possibly could for her elaborate and virtuosic singing. (and I’ll admit, for a ten year old, the girl sounds like she will grow up to have an impressive voice) And to be honest, if those were her goals, then fantastic. The audience cheered (but let’s be honest. Even if she had botched it, cried, needed to start over, the crowd would’ve been supportive; The national anthem is the one time in sporting events that everyone turns into actual good people) Continue reading


Super Poll: What Will the Controversy Be?

It seems to be the most irrefutable fact: In Playoff NFL football, you can’t make it through a week of games without some stupid controversy overshadowing the great plays and athleticism. In the first round a terrible call changed the course of the Lions-Cowboys game. In the second week a catch that everyone could see was actually a catch was ruled an incompletion based on one of the stupidest technicalities in the NFL rule book, ultimately leading to some douchebag Cowboys fan to attempt to sue the NFL for 88 billion dollars. No. Really…. ¬†And last week, we may have been dealt the most absurd controversy of all: Tom Brady’s balls, AKA deflate-gate. Fortunately this most recent scandal was ripe for 5th grade potty style puns!

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The Closet Cowboys Fan: “Is it Safe to Come Out?”

I know I don’t talk much about sports. A big reason for that is that there is so much sports media out there, and there’s really nothing to say that isn’t beat down by sports TV analysts and sports bloggers all over the place.

The stars have been dim in Dallas in recent years...

Please let this feeling be real… oh, just let it be real! Oh, please oh please oh please football god!

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The Solution to the Student Athlete “Problem”

So I tuned into ESPN Radio the other day in my car, and I could immediately tell we’re getting to the boring part of the sports year (I.E. when Baseball is the only thing on) because the show host was talking about those poor student athletes who are being horribly mistreated by the NCAA who forces them to work endless hours on a game they love, and only gives them free food, housing, clothes, equipment, and education. What nerve that NCAA has.

These NCAA jerks... I could just slap them... that is... if I wasn't watching their product for six hours every Saturday in the  Fall...

These NCAA jerks… I could just slap them… that is… if I wasn’t watching their product for six hours every Saturday in the Fall…

Now I get it. I really do. The NCAA and the universities make millions of dollars off student athletes every year; The argument that the athletes are getting free top quality education is a bit of a farce, since most don’t graduate and pretty much all spend way much time on the field/court than they do in the classroom. I can see how some would call that exploitation. I can also see how it’s unfair that other students can make money how they see fit, while student athletes are doubly hampered by the regulations of the “amateur” athlete. So it’s a complicated convoluted issue to be sure. Continue reading

I Stand Corrected About That Sterling Scandal

It’s time for me to admit I’m wrong. Down right wrong. That’s right, it can be done, contrary to what television pundits and my “About” page will tell you. I jumped on the Donald Sterling bashers bandwagon, but I said “to boycott not the answer!” I was coming from the idea that there was no way you could force him out based on a boycott, since he is the sole owner of the Clippers franchise. But boy, was I wrong. Turns out you can ban an owner from his own franchise! And Sterling’s fresh lifetime ban comes at the heels of fans and advertisers bolting, among other things! So here’s me, saying hey! That last post was foolishness, and I was totally foolish and shortsighted…

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Oh Look. Another Old Rich Guy Has an Archaic View of the World. SURPRISE!

Here we go again. Some old guy got caught making some racist statement that seemed to come straight out of the 1950’s again. This week the culprit was Donald Sterling, the decrepit owner of the L.A. Clippers. Right in the middle of the NBA playoffs. Now, not only has he offended an entire race, he’s created a scandal that has essentially sabotaged his team and their fans right in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. (here’s basically original story. In a strange turn I couldn’t find the original TMZ article where the story supposedly broke. the fact that the link is now broken is suspicious to me…) And the frenzy has begun anew. People calling for boycotts. Advertisers are running for the hills in protest (or fear of being associated with racism). Everything you would come to expect when the old guy says something stupid.

Everyone say hello to the racist jerk of the week!

Everyone say hello to the racist jerk of the week!

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Feeling Sorry for the Fans; May the Broncos Rest in Peace

When John Elway and company brought Peyton Manning into the Broncos organization they doubled down on the chance to win now. They knew the odds were that Manning gave them two or three years to get Denver a Super Bowl victory. After that, who knows what could happen.

Sorry, Denver, but time might be up sooner than you thought....

Sorry, Denver, but time might be up sooner than you thought….

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Super Bowl XLVIII Review, and the Ten Best Commercials of the Game!

Super Bowl Quote of the night: “Every time I hear Richard Sherman mentioned, all I can think of is ‘Finding Nemo.” (P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!). The Super Show as a whole was entertaining, although the game itself was just bad. Not even mediocre. Just bad…. overall, if I had to give a score card, I’d give the whole package a 5 out of 10. And that’s just because the commercials were okay, and the half time show was great! here’s the rundown of the night from “The Catchy Blogs Perspective”

Congrats to the Seahawks on a convicing Super Bowl victory!

Congrats to the Seahawks on a convincing Super Bowl victory!

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2nd Annual Catchy Blog Super Bowl Pick!

Okay, I’m calling myself out right here, before I even start. How can something be annual when you’ve only done it twice? It has to have happened at least a few times before you can assume it’s annual! You’ve barely been blogging for like a year. And beside that, your Super Bowl post last year sucked! And you were completely wrong. The team you picked (San Fran.) probably lost because of you!!!!!

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Richard Sherman Has Me Cheering for the ‘hawks!

Football is so bland. Sports in general are so bland. You have your occaisional Ron Artest/Metta World peace making Headlines for their bizarre antics, but mostly pro sports are just bland. Bland, bland, bland. Yeah, the competition is good some times, but everything that surrounds it is just… bland… Watch any post-game press conference. Listen to a post-game interview. the winning players all say the same thing (something like, “yeah, we played pretty good, they played pretty good, they’re good, but we’re good, blah blah blah”) the losing¬† players all say the same thing (something like, “yeah, we could’ve played better, they’re a pretty good team, but we could’ve done better, blah, blah, blah.). It’s like pro sports commissions wrote a standard line about what the winners and the losers should say, told everyone to be sportsmanlike, and said “Now nobody step out of line!!!!” And pretty much everyone falls into place. There aren’t any Terrell Owens, or Artests, or even Ray Lewis types anymore

I wasn't going to cheer for the Seahawks. But now I am!!!!

I wasn’t going to cheer for the Seahawks. But now I am!!!!

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