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I’m not a fan of Sack Snyder. I remember when I saw the trailer for “Watchmen” It looked so unique. It looked completely different from the other superhero films of the time. And, since it came out before we became completely saturated in comic book films, I thought it would be so cool.

Check out my game face! I’ll keep it on all movie! Literally! No other facial expressions to speak of!

When I saw the film for the first time, I was pretty disappointed. I mean, the visual style is neat and very unique. the blue guy was pretty cool for the time. I liked the idea of having a more cynical superhero movie… but in the end I was bored…. the movie was flatter than that cup of Mountain Dew I left in my car the other day (don’t ask). I really wanted to like it… but I just couldn’t Continue reading

Paul Is Dead: Irrefutable Proof That People Will Believe… Pretty Much Whatever They Want

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. I love hearing about people who, for no apparent reason, decide something is true, and then, for some other reason, decide they will spend the rest of their life proving something true… even when there is zero actual evidence to show their absurd theories are true.

This is where the best conspiracy theory ever began… sort of…

To be a conspiracy theorist, you must have some serious creativity, and some even more serious outside the box thinking… Of course, to assume your conspiracy is true… well… you’re pretty far outside the box already. Continue reading


So I’m making a new resolution as of today. The resolution is never to ever read any post or article that has a title that goes something like this: THIS IS THE CUTEST THING YOU’LL EVER SEE! or, YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO THESE CARTOON CHARACTERS ARE BASED ON!

This guy knows what I’m talking about!

Why have I made this new resolution? because 100% of the time, these posts/articles are LIES! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! Sure, I occasionally read one where I say, “yeah, that’s pretty cute.” or “Oh, that’s kind of interesting, I didn’t know that,” or even, on rare occasions, “Oh, I wouldn’t have thought that about so and so.” But never once have I though “OMG THIS IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THINK I’VE EVER SEEN!!!! THEY WERE SO AMAZINGLY RIGHT! I’M SO GLAD I CLICKED ON THIS LINK!” or “OMG, THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING AND UNBELIEVABLE FACT I’VE EVER LEARNED! I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW!” Continue reading

What Would Happen if We Treated TV Shows Like Marvel Movies?

Ever since the first X-Men movie way back in 2000, it seems like Superhero movies have slowly trended toward interconnectedness. (is that actually a word? Well… I’m a blogger. I get to make up words…) After the X-Men trilogy we had movies focusing on Characters like that Wolverine Origins movie (which, aside from the completely awful CG, I didn’t think was all that awful a film), and then Marvel literally made like, fifteen movies just to set up the Avengers movie back in 2012. Suddenly the Marvel Universe and all of its movies have this neat feeling that all of its movies somehow weave together. They’re making quite the tapestry, which makes its respective characters seem more vibrant. Each movie has relevance to the overall storyline. It’s a pretty exciting concept for comic book fans (as long as you nerds can stop whining about all the things that aren’t true to the comics)

Now Warner Bros is starting to follow suit, with “Batman v Superman” slated for 2016. It seems like weaving separate characters together in comic book movies is the new trend, and people seem to agree that the crossover makes everything more interesting. And I most definitely agree. In fact, we need to take the crossover to a whole new level!

Batman and Superman will be the next to copycat the Avengers... I know I'm not the first to say it, but when is that Justice League movie gonna happen?

Batman and Superman will be the next to copycat the Avengers… I know I’m not the first to say it, but when is that Justice League movie gonna happen?

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The Catchy Blog’s 5 Step Process to Winning an Acadamy Award for Best Picture

So I finally got around to watching last year’s Academy Award winning flick “12 Years a Slave.” It was a pretty good movie, and a very moving (and depressing) true story. But I just can’t help it. At the end, I found myself saying the same thing about it as I do about most films that win the Academy’s most coveted award. I found myself saying, “Yeah. That was pretty good.” But as usual, I could think of 3 or 4 movies from the past year I enjoyed more for various reasons. This trend frequently gives me pause, and begs the question, “what does it take to win best picture.” So after careful thought, I’ve come up with 5 tried and true steps to get your Best Picture award. Let’s get on with it!

These 5 Steps come with a money-back guarantee!!!!

These 5 Steps come with a money-back guarantee!!!!

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Michael Bay’s Mission to Destroy All Things Sacred

When I saw the first Transformers film I thought to myself, “Hey, this could really be something special!” That movie was cheesy, had good action, and just enough story and interesting characters to make for some good fun. But I was wrong. I was soooooo wrong.

I never should’ve supported later Transformer’s films. I should’ve said what I said when I heard Jerry “Wear a decent formula out until everyone hates the original” Bruckheimer and his Disney Cohorts announced an endless array of pirate movies. I should have stayed away. Continue reading

Is Frozen the Best Disney Movie Ever? Bet You Won’t Like my Answer.

Frozen has been out on Blu-Ray for a few weeks, and almost immediately it has become the best-selling kids movie out there!. It’s certainly on track to shatter records for kids movie sales, especially after the manipulative Disney company re-releases it on 3D Blu Ray in the fall. (Man Disney is a jerk. Just release the 3D version the first time. If the movie weren’t so good I would just up and boycott Disney altogether)Disney Characters

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How “Breaking Bad” Ate My Soul: Why I can’t decide if it’s “good” TV

My two followers may have noticed that I have been conspicuously absent from my post on the Catchy Blog. That has been for two reasons: The first is that, though I have had lots of blogging ideas, I’ve just been super busy with work, school, and family. The second is that I started watching breaking bad on Netflix, and it consumed every minute of my limited free time. If I had any time that I could call mine, it was devoted to Walter White.

This Show... Can't... Look... AWAY!!!!

This Show… Can’t… Look… AWAY!!!!

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Parent’s Should have always feared Disney’s Hidden Messages to Kids

Quite the hubbub has been made of late about a blog accusing the mega successful Disney hit “Frozen of peddling the “Homosexual agenda.” It’s a strange post to be sure, and naturally there have been a lot of opinions about it. Some think she’s crazy for suggesting Frozen has any hidden messages, and some maybe even think she’s right, but don’t see any problem with Disney sending that underlying message. For my part I had a very different reaction than others  to the blog. My question to Mrs. Katherine Skaggs is, what took you so long to figure it out? Disney has sent subliminal and not so subliminal messages to kids for years. For decades they have been subtly sending kids subversive ideas in the guise of “wholesome family entertainment.” Don’t believe me? well pull your head out of the sands, people. ‘Cause here are 6 lessons Parents apparently never realized were taught in those clever cartoons.

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My Terrifying Imagination is More Frightening than Yours

Some people have brilliant, amazing imaginations. It their mind’s eye they can see vast, immersive worlds. they go into their thoughts and come out with incredible short stories, epic novels, vast fantasy realms filled with a slew of creatively designed creatures, books, movies, blogs, TV shows, RPG’s, videos games, etc. Their imaginations lead to massive fan groups, cult followings, and ultimately lots and lots of green. People create clever Youtube channels and make money that way. If only my imagination was like that. If only my imagination could be used to create vibrant, expansive, beautiful worlds for people to enjoy, or even just for me to enjoy. That would be fantastic.


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